Bug Boy's Long Day

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Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



Bug Boy’s Long Day


Bug boy sat all alone

Staring at his mobile phone

Crossing his fingers

Counting his toes

Buzzed in dismay

Because he had none


He found six legs

Two points on his head

A tail on his butt

And a stinger that meant dead


Bug boy walked for a long mile

His six legs strained

Then he lost his smile

He climbed a big tree

And leapt in the air

Wings on his back

That took him real far


Bug boy sat all alone

Watching the sun

Sang and he buzzed

His long day then, had been done


Bug boy thought

As he munched a leaf

Time goes fast

For a bug with no teeth

He slept  in a cave

That was a tin can

His body did grow

Into a big man


People did scream

At the strange sight

Because the bug boy

Was a May Fly in flight

Who called himself Dan

The friendly Bug Man.



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