Hedgehog Tale

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This is another of those little work ditties. This time written while my group of adult disabled learners were busy. My group were working on a story telling project involving musical instruments
for each part, my colleague down the corridor was teaching woodwork. His reply, also in the form of a poem, involved a mad cow with a spongy brain. Yes, we were adults with very childish humour!
Lol. Circa 1990

Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



Ebeneezer was such an unhappy hedgehog,

Realised his girlfriend was such a dog!

For Esmerelda was having a little hedgehog

And he’d found out the baby wasn’t his sprog!


Ebeneezer learned to drive a car.

He’d saved all his loose change up in a jar;

Bought himself a bright red Jaguar

And swore he’d pay back Esmerelda.


Along the M4 very fast he sped,

Saw the slag not far ahead;

He ran her down, splattered her head.

She screamed, and bled, and then she was dead.

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