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Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



Today was a perfect day for a picnic. It's a good thing me and my family live by a lagoon in Miami, It's so pretty when the light shines off of it, almost like a sun itself. I really want to go on a picnic but my mom worries that we might fall into the lagoon, even with her there. She needed convincing, and I knew just how to do it. I walk up to my mom with puppy dog eyes and tell her how much I love her and give her a big hug.

“What do you want now, Alex?” She said, exasperated, a slight smile splayed on her lips. I begged her to let us have a picnic, I told her how beautiful it was outside and how good it will be for my sisters to get some fresh air, instead of cooped up inside playing dolls. She declined, but then suggested that we go see a magic show instead! So me, my mom, and my two younger sister, Rachel and Fiona, went to a magnificent magic show, where they made people disappear and a man swallowed a sword! After that we all got ice cream. I got my favorite flavor, Chocolate! When it got dark we all went home. I was tired from that day, but happy with the picnic substitute. I climbed into bed and my mother tucked me in.

“I love you mom,” I said, and I gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You are the best mom that I could ever wish for.” Slowly, I drifted off to sleep, mom watching over me with a loving smile.

Only to never wake up, just like his sisters. Little Alex and his sisters drowned in the lagoon because he decided to go on a picnic on this perfect day whilst his mother was dead on the living room floor, because she overdosed while drinking.

The sisters decided to go for a swim in the shallows but soon drifted out farther and drowned, Alex tried to save them but only succeeded in drowning as well. They had no one to care for them, since their father was in Iraq fighting in the Army.

He came home a few months later to discover his dead wife and missing children, who were found on the lagoon shore a few days later. Their father soon went mad with grief and was locked up in a mental hospital.

Now they say the lagoon is haunted with the soul of Alex. Just waiting for someone to have a picnic with him or to go to a magic show, or have ice cream, or a normal childhood like other children had.

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