Today and Mrs. Today Discuss their Life Roles

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Today and Mrs. Today wouldn't want to be either yesterday or tomorrow.

Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



By Greg Miller © 2018


Today woke up confused.


He didn’t get up on the wrong side of the bed. He was just confused. He didn’t feel bad. He was just confused. No one in his family had yelled at him. He was just confused.


“Today is Monday,” he mused to himself, as he tried to gather enough energy to rise from his bed. “Yesterday was so cold! The wind was so frigid it felt like it was cutting right through my jacket. Two days ago, the weather was delightful. Why couldn’t yesterday’s weather be like the weather from two days ago?


“The weather that day was so marvelous. The high temperature reached about 78 degrees, and we had a very light wind, very comfortable indeed. I wonder what kind of weather we’ll get today.”


Today’s wife, Mrs. Today, had risen early to prepare her husband’s breakfast. Today always insisted on eating a hearty breakfast before tackling his daily work. “I work hard all day,” he told his wife, “so I really appreciate you preparing my breakfast, eating with me, and sharing your hopes and dreams for your day.”


“I enjoy preparing your breakfast,” stated Mrs. Today. “For me, cooking for you is so much fun. I enjoy watching you exercise your ‘getting-ready-for-the-day muscles, and I also like to share our mutual daily plans.”


“Well, we are a couple, so we should share our everyday concerns, as well as our joyous times,” smiled Mrs. Today.


She reminded her husband about the importance of today in the everyday lives of those created in the image of God. “My best friend, ‘Yesterday,’ recently told me she wished she could be Mrs. Today, instead of Mrs. Yesterday. She told me her husband is always complaining about not being Today. I told her we all have our roles to play in this world. I am Mrs. Today, and I would certainly not want to be Mrs. Yesterday.”


“Would you want to be Mrs. Tomorrow?” asked Today.


“Well,” Mrs. Today responded, “it might be a nice temporary change, but I would probably never be happy, because I would either be unsatisfied with my shortcomings from yesterday, or I would be unfulfilled because I was never experiencing the successes and dreams of tomorrow.


“One day, I overheard a Christian saying that no one should count on tomorrow. “She quoted a verse from the Bible that says, “’Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.’”


“So you’re perfectly happy being Mrs. Today?” asked her husband.


“Oh, I wouldn’t say ‘perfectly happy,’” replied Mrs. Today. “But I would say ‘very happy,’ because I think being Mrs. Today is just about the most wonderful job in the world!”



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