The Big Yellow Truck

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The memories of a young boy in a small southern town.

Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



The Big Yellow Truck.


I remember the day I gazed into the window on main street in my ever so small quaint town. It would be a day that I would remember for years to come, of course I did not think that at the time. I only thought of how great that big yellow truck was.

I stared only for minutes…wanting to grasp it in my hands, rolling its black plastic wheels up the warm grey concrete sidewalks of my small southern town, but all I could do is gaze at the big yellow truck. I remember pressing my face hard into the store front window, thinking about how wonderful it would be to someday drive a big yellow truck as great as this one.

It seemed like I stared at the big yellow truck for only a few minutes, but I stared long enough admiring that big yellow truck to leave the imprint of my nose, that I had pressed firmly against the glass before being rushed off by Mr. Thomas the shop keeper.

I ran a little…skipped a little…and stopped to skip pebbles in the creek on the way home that warm July day, thinking about how wonderful it would be to get that big yellow truck for my birthday that was in just a few short days. I could not sleep a wink that night as the big yellow truck invaded my dreams, I dreamt about that big yellow truck until my birthday finally arrived.

When my birthday had finally arrived, it was on another warm July day and I had not been on main street to see the big yellow truck in a few days. I thought today would be the day, the day… that I could actually get Mr. Thomas to give me the big yellow truck for my birthday. I smiled to myself rubbing my hands together, almost unable to control the anticipation that was building inside me.

I finally made it to main street and Mr. Thomas’s shop, when I noticed that the big yellow truck was gone. I was stunned and shocked all at once, the dismay was too much to bear, when Mr. Thomas came out of his shop shewing me away with his newspaper, I ran quickly away but only far enough away to sit by a large maple tree to watch all the busy adults rush by with so many important things to do, but none of them would never know the joy of just rushing around the large maple tree with that big yellow truck.

My birthday was coming to an end and I had no idea who had swiped my big yellow truck from Mr. Thomas’s store on main street, but I just knew they were the luckiest kid ever. I could hear my dad call my name telling me it was time for bed as he walked in to the sitting room to grab my hand and give me my nightly tuck in bed. My dad and I walked hand in hand to my bedroom, he flipped the lights on with ease in my room. I thought about that big yellow truck as I released my Dad’s hand rushing over to my bed dreading my impending slumber and dreams of that big yellow truck that I was sure never to see again.

I leaped into my bed that was covered with a blanket of big trucks like the one my dad drove at work. I stared at my thin blanket of big trucks watching my Dad sit down on the end of the bed next to me with a smile, pulling the big yellow truck from under my bed. I could only smile with joy, as small tears rippled down my cheeks…I couldn’t believe it, there it was…my big yellow truck. I just knew I would get my big yellow truck for my birthday. I remember the big yellow truck but most of all I remember how I never told my dad that I wanted that big yellow truck…he just knew somehow!



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