Im bliding in my heart war

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I write with a black heart like this pen, not because im someone bad but because i gived all the love in my heart, and he turned slowly to pain, a pain killing me like a pore, you may say start
again, but it's too late to start over again, i losed the power to forget what happend, i don't blame distany because he gived me many happy moments and many chances but i wasted, they was so
precious for me, i didn't understand the distany signals for me, but anyway i can't returne to fix the passe, i believe that disting is so unfaire, but some people not, bur you who they are, the
rish one they get anything they want but we are sitting and we don't have any thing. The most luck people in the world who have that person, that person who they can trust him, and tell him
anything bicause he take all our problems and sadnesse and he puted and a deep sea and he give us just happinesse, i don't have that person because i hide my weak coz im like a leader wolf and i
don't wanna any weak wolf in my flock.

My heart bliding it been a long time that i taste happinesse my tears like a reaver in the winter,my sadnesse like a sea, they are so deep and no one brave enough to sweam into it because he will
apslutly sink in it forever like i did, i can't show the people a fake smile any more, im tierd from all this, im not me, i changed im not the happy and actif girl like i was, im now like a bird
without wigns i try to fly but he fall again and again, and finaly he lose hope, and if you lose hope you lose every thing, but i believe that with every new sun rise there is a new day, a new
life, and a new hope, so don't ever lose hope or you'll lose you'll lose your selfs searching ar it

Submitted: March 08, 2018

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Submitted: March 08, 2018



My first articl #imbliding it's a wonderful articl talking about pain i hope you enjoy reading

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