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Submitted: March 08, 2018



Rivera 1
Isabelle Rivera
HFE English 4
3 November 2017
Hi, my name is Julie Jones and I am a teenager trying to survive junior high. I live in Sacramento, California and summer has always been my favorite season. There are two reasons why: summer vacation and no school. Summertime meant going on vacation and having fun. Not having school, and going on vacations were the best part of summer. I didn’t have to stress about any paper being due the next day, or any lab reports due in two days. This is the time where I got to relax, and enjoy the sunny summer days with my family.
One year in early January, right after the new year, my mom and dad called my siblings and I over and said, “Kids come over here. We have something that requires you guys. We want you guys to give us suggestions on where we should go for vacation”. 
My siblings and I instantly jumped of joy. We always got excited when we were going on vacation because that was the best part of summer. Our family vacations were always fun because my parents planned all of it. During our vacations, we never had a day to relax, which I loved. We were always busy wether we were playing in the ocean or going zip lining in the forests in Mexico. 
My family included my mom, dad, twin brother, and older sister. This was a very hard decision because there was so many places we wanted to go to. We all needed to agree on where we would go, so we had to make our top three choices. Mine were New York, Cancun Mexico, and Hawaii. I wanted to explore the city life with all of the famous properties, or I could see all the nice beaches where I could just relax and watch the waves. Ever since I was a little child I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty. Even though we have beaches in California that are only an hour away, I wanted to go to another country or state where they have famous beaches. It was a very hard decision for me. All of these places sounded amazing and would be an awesome trip to go on. My mom told us that we had a couple of days to make up our minds on where we wanted to go. During those two days, all I could think about was going on vacation. 
My brother was very persistent on going to a place that was far away, “ Mom, can we please go somewhere farther than three hours away. I want to go on an adventurous vacation where we will do something everyday and never stop moving”. 
My mom liked the idea of going somewhere far away, but she did not like the idea of constantly moving, “ I think we should go somewhere far and where we haven’t been before, but maybe we can take some breaks along or trip where we can just relax”. 

The decision that my family had made was either Cancun, Mexico or New York. My final decision was New York. Everyone else also decided New York, because we previously had a summer vacation by the beach. 

“YES, Iv’e always wanted to go to NewYork ever since I saw all of the movies with the Empire State Building and Times Square”, said my sister. 

I agreed with her, and knew that this was going to be the best family vacation yet. There was only one small problem. The vacation wasn’t until another six months. It was going to be the longest six months of my life. New York was my dream vacation and we were finally going after my 13 years of life. 

The next six months went by very slow. I was in school counting down the days until my family vacation. I was working hard in school and turning in all of my english papers hoping that summer was almost here. But, as June started to get closer the days went by even slower. It was the most stressful time for school as the grade books were closing. It was my seventh grade year, so I knew that I had to do good and get good grades because colleges would be looking at those grades. 

On the last day of school, I was so happy that it was finally the start of summer. School ended and it was time to have fun. There was still three more days until the best week of my life was going to happen. For those three days I could not sleep. All I thought about was how much fun I was going to have in New York. I hung out with my friends all of those three days, because I would not be able to see them for a week or so. They helped the time pass by quickly, or as quick as it could pass. Even my friends were excited for me and told me to take pictures of everything so I could show them when I got back. My best friend Carly said, “ Take as many pictures as you can. This will be the best vacation you will ever take. Remember to go see the Statue of Liberty and send me a picture of it”. 

The day before I left finally came, and I started to pack my suitcase. I packed everything I could think of and all of my necessities. My mom made me make a list before I started to pack. She said, “You better make sure you have everything. We cannot go back home to get anything you forgot, because we will be across the country”. I knew that I could not leave anything behind. I double checked my list about a million times. After I was sure that I didn’t leave anything behind, I zipped my suitcase closed and put it by the front door. I stared at it for a really long time trying to think if I forgot anything. After my eyes got tired of looking at it, I decided that I did not forget anything. I hoped and prayed that I did not leave anything behind. After I was done with packing, I had to think of something that would get my mind off of the vacation I was going on. It was already pretty late at night so I decided to try to go to bed. I could not fall asleep for the first hour of laying in my bed, but eventually I fell asleep. 

My flight was at 7 AM in the morning. We were also flying out of LAX so I had to wake up three hours before our flight. The next morning I woke up, and I thought that this day would never come. The day that I leave across the country to go to New York. It was early in the morning, so I couldn’t even think straight. I said bye to my dog and made sure that he had everything he needed before I left. My family was running late (as usual) so we hurried and jumped in the car to head over to LAX. We were driving over to the airport and about 45 minutes in my mom says, “ I think I left my Driver's License at home”. 

All of our hearts stopped for a couple of seconds. We didn’t know if we would have enough time to get the drivers license and then come all the way back to the airport. But, my mom wouldn’t have been able to get on the plane without her license. So, my dad rushed back to the house almost speeding the whole way. My mom hopped out of the car and got her license from inside our house as fast as she could. She came back to the car and we immediately left from the house. My dad was basically speeding again while he was driving to the airport. Luckily there was not a lot of traffic because of the time we left in the morning. 

As we were arriving to the airport I get a little anxious because the LAX airport is huge!my parents said, “Stick right by us because it is easy to get lost in here. We all need to make sure that we stay together so no one gets lost”. The first thing we had to do was check in our bags and us. All of the paperwork was so boring because I just wanted to get on the plane. The lady working the check in booth said that we were running late. My mom got very stressed out by those words because she knew that if we missed our plane, it would be her fault. Those words even got my entire family worried. We hurried up and gave her all the information ahe needed to check us in to try and make up some time. After check in it was time for security. The line was super long like it always is! Once we saw the line, we knew that we had a very strong chance of missing our flight. We just knew that we had to try and hurry through the security which was very hard because of all the people there. 

Once we were done with security it was time to find our gate. We knew that we had to hurry because our flight was already boarding and was almost leaving. My family looked at a sign that showed all of the gates and flight times. Once we finally realized where our flight was on the sign we realized that it was basically on the other side of the airport. Once my mom told us where our gate was we booked it and ran to our gate. We ran to our gate with our hearts pounding out of our chests. We did not know whether we would make it or not. We were searching and searching for our gate acting like it was a life or death situation. I have never seen anyone in my family run that fast. I finally saw our gate about thirty feet in front of us. We were all so tired of running, but we knew that we had to keep going to try and give us a chance at making our flight. We had barely made it to our gate and we went to the check in people and scanned our tickets. The plane already boarded the people but we made it just in time. We were running so late that the check-in people even called our names on the loud speaker.

We walked onto the plane and everyone stared at us and we’re mad because we held them up from leaving. We were also in one of the last rows on the plane, so we had to walk right by everyone. They all gave us the death stare. Waking through the aisles, I saw all types of people. There was doctors, teachers, buisness people, and even construction workers. They all glanced at us while we were walking to our seats. The plane was jam packed, and there was no empty seats. Luckily my mom booked seats right next to each other, so we could all sit together. My mom, sister, and I sat in one row, and my dad and brother sat in the row right next to us. We didn’t have time to get breakfast before we boarded our plane, so we were all starving. The plane ride was going to be about five hours long and there were no stops. 
 Luckily there was food on the plane, so my mom and dad let us order it on there.

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