A place she once called Home

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Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



The noise reverberated in her ears, as the earth beneath her began trembling. Soon the deafening noise magnified and before she could perceive anything the floor cracked, the walls fell, the windows shattered and the roof above her head collapsed. Dust and debris blindfolded her and she was deprived of her vision. The horrifying cries around her deafened her. The chaos robbing her senses one at a time. She was oblivious of what had happened it seemed to her that someone owed her an explanation. But, how could she know what had happened she was just five after all. She soon discovered herself crying and injured, lying on the ground of the nation’s soil. Her tears combined with her blood and painted her garments red. It was then that she realized that her cheeks were torn. She struggled hard to breathe but the dust and smoke seemed to strangle her to death. She was screaming for help but her voice faded amidst the chaos that had just destroyed perhaps the entire city. Little did she know that the wreck which traumatized her was being watched upon by the rest of the world silently. Gradually the dust and smoke settled down allowing her a view of the ground. She strained her big blue eyes and waved off the smoke in front of her. Had she known that the smoke that blinded her was hiding a painful truth behind it she would not have continued with her actions. She finally saw the corpse of her dead mother, her abdomen cut open by a broken block of the collapsed building she once called home. Her mother’s eyes were wide open staring heavenwards as if begging to the almighty to take her life and spare her daughter. Sure enough her prayer was answered. Selena was silenced by the realization that she would never here her mother’s voice again, no one would be there to wipe her tears off. So she lay down beside her mother clutching her arm as if never to let go. She wept silently as Syria was left for ruins.

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