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how i he used me

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



I just found out my partner for the last 3 years on and off has cheated on me again with his ex. He told me he loved me (lie) and left me for his ex, I was in his room and he was waiting for a text from her. He logged on to this online site and i watched his feed. I didnt know you could love 2 people, i once thought it was possible but i experienced it was a lie. He loves her. I live 2 minutes from him and we use to have regular sex but i wasnt enough. My boobs are small and ugly, im not sexually confident and i am shy to ask people questions and get into depth with them. I was learning in time how to give more affection and was getting better, i was messaging him more and loving him more but that wasnt enough. Its all about him and i cant make him happy. He says he loves Jesus when he doesnt want to become like jesus hes too focused on pussy and his ex that keeps coming back. I never wanted to leave i only left cause he cheated and i couldnt trust him but i tried my best. I hardly ate just to lose weight and learnt how to balance a diet, i laid off on the gym so i can be reliable and sensible and affectionate and i learnt how to look after myself also i grew in christ more but then this happend and this shot everything. I really thought he loved me but it was a lie.

He used to get angry with me and shut me up when i just wanted to talk to him. Its a cruel world and everyday i want to drive into a tree and kill myself when this happends. I cant move on cause no other guy wants me or i dont want them. Ive tried to leave and move on but its hard. God doesnt want to cut the cord but one day im hoping he will and if he doesnt i will go to heaven. 

Peace! and lord please bless these people who view this short story. I would ask you a favour too if you can pray for me a little preyer of hope, thankyou.

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