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Making bad decisions seems normal for dystopian escapists

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018







The earth was in the last throes of catastrophic rebirth that promised to annihilate 11 billion humans in one final upheaval, that no technology conceived by mankind could avert. So reported the tabloids and news casters around the globe.

Indeed there was ample evidence to support such claims and millions upon millions engaged in activities they believed would help them survive the changes. And there was time to prepare. The final blow would not occur for at least seven years.

Entire communities joined in? To build life sustaining bunkers deep beneath the surface of the earth. Others used the best technologies to create cities on the floor of the ocean and others still used the natural formation of the deepest caves to create life sustaining communities.


Of course there were millions upon millions who fell into two of the largest categories, None Believers, those who would or could not believe Armageddon would rear its ugly head in their lifetime. And, the Faith based millions that believed their god would protect them.

There were of course small off shoot groups such as the Barflies who did not care one way or another as long as they were sufficiently inebriated when the end came.

And then there was The Escapists, those few who could afford a ticket aboard the good ships Escape 1, 2 and 3, all named after Columbus’s trio of vessels the landed at Plymouth.


The Mission to Proxima b Endeavour created by a man named George Parker promised 3000 passengers that the ships would be ready for boarding long before catastrophe struck. He had video of the ships being constructed and to be fair they were actually being built.

 Ne ship had 1000 state rooms for single occupation. The remaining two were fitted with 250 compartments for families of four.

There was a fourth vessel as well that was dedicated to a cargo of food and water and a green house for growing more.



I can sense your skepticism as you read this but I assure you, there was no scam intended. In fact, those ships launched one year before the estimated time of Armageddon.

Now with that doubt dispersed I shall continue with my narration.

The ships of course had a bridge crew and technicians to keep the vessels in good order. The cargo ship had its own crew to maintain and distribute supplies and to keep the green houses functioning properly. Of course George Parker was Admiral in Chief of the small fleet of escapist, charged with the security and peace-keeping of the passengers and crew. It was a task that proved easily accomplished.


On May 15, 2121 the fleet launched. Each ship was driven by three Emdrive engines that required no fuel and would cause the vessels over the space of several months to achieve a velocity of 50 % of the speed of light. The voyage to Proxima B was estimated to take 11.5 years, allowing for ex and de-cellaration.

Meanwhile back on earth mankind was being mankind and chaos was spreading like a pandemic disease. Wars were breaking out everywhere and not just between countries but between cities provinces states and even on the street to street level. Those who had built beneath the earth and sea descended into their artificial worlds.


Evidence and proof of the approach to Armageddon was rampant. Volcanoes were erupting around the world, even in places no one suspected. Earthquakes shook the globe and tsunamis flooded the coastlines. It seemed the apocalypse was indeed upon the earth.

I suppose it can be said that there was such catastrophe on earth that a version of Armageddon was occurring, though in slow motion as compared to the expectations of the Armageddonist.

You can imagine then the state of the human condition in those days of fire and horror and you probably think the escapists would be the saving grace of humanity.


It took the Escapist fleet 12 years two months and 2 weeks and 5 days to reach Proxima B, which was a little un-nerving for some but their Admiral kept the balance of sanity equal and when news of their arrival reached all the people and there was a great celebration of new hope. But the celebration was too much too soon.

The little fleet settled into orbit around what everyone hoped would be their new earth. But there had never been any promise made of such an event occurring. It was just a hope. But no one anticipated what happened not 2 hours after they were locked into orbit.


I do not suppose there will ever be a perfect world when humans are involved, at least not in the near future. I believe a great deal more enlightenment is required, however, on Earth, 150 years after what seems to be endless and inescapable catastrophes and most of what mankind had conceived was gone a new version of civilization arose from the depths of the seas and bowls of the earth. And it seemed in those new beginning years mankind was finding a peaceful and prosperous reunion with the upper world. The people of the sea and the people of the earth came quickly to terms of sharing knowledge and resources and had it been left at that all could have been well. But there were surface survivors who had descended into the barbaric depth of humanity and it was the rule of warlords that made that world go round.

Nonetheless Earth enjoyed a long age of peace before the festering underworld interfered. A thousand years to exact…and how coincidental is that.


4.2 light years across the Galaxy life for humans was much difference. Two hours after their arrival they received a message from the indigenous people of Proxima B. It was a simple message with no doubt of intention. “Humans Go Home,”

There was a fleet wide silence. Admiral Parker replied to the message. “But we have come across the Galaxy to find a new home.”

At first there was no response then, “You are a violent species. What makes you think we could live in peace with you?”

“I cannot answer that question. I can only ask that you consider us with compassion. We are refugees from a broken world.”

“Yes we know. We have been watching you for thousands of years and you have not improved as a race.”


There was another long silence then a monitor flickered on an image appeared on the screen. It was completely inhuman.

Somehow Parker kept his wits only because he thought the creature was beautiful, like an image of a shark against a coral reef.

In the end the fleet of escapists were granted asylum and with the help of their hosts were able to land their ships on the planet’s surface. The atmosphere was not compatible to human needs but the elements could be manipulated to sustain their supplies. The truth is the people of Proxima B were quite willing to help for they knew that having the humans contained in their ships would maintain the peace of their world. Humans were essentially inates of their own prison. And the fleet truly were The Ships Of Fools.



© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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