The Big Day

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In the light of a dying day, two lovers meet before a wedding

Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018



The Big Day


From her car she could see his silhouette against the fading sun. She tossed her shoes into the back of the car and stepped out onto the cool asfalt. In just a few precarious strides, she’d passed from the smooth road to the coarse barley fields. It was as though she’d stepped back in time at the very moment that time ceased to move forward.


The sun peeked through dusk soaked clouds, painting the field gold and kissing the sky with its reflection. The early autumn winds pushed her gown against the back of her legs as though she were being pulled to him. Her heart fluttered in her chest with anticipation. She felt her hair freeing itself from the constraints of her extravagant updo. The soft tresses made her feel wild when they fell around her shoulders.


She appeared to him like an enchantress from a storybook. Her hair danced in time with her gown. A gown of white now drenched with the reflection of the sunset. She smiled at him as she had so many times before. Even still, his heart leapt into his throat. His blood ran warm with joy, bidding him to run to her. He remained as stoic as he could manage. Letting only his face break with a bittersweet smile. She was beautiful, and after today everything would change.


When at last she stood before him, there was no words to say. There needn’t be any. He swept a strand of hair away from her face. She traced his smile with a delicate touch. He embraced her and felt the pounding of her heart against his. The world ceased to exist. He smelled the sweet lavender of her skin; she drank in his husky warmth. Their minds emptied. In this moment they were one with the world, and each other.


They broke the embrace, and with it their history began to fly away with the early autumn breeze. He placed her hand over his heart, and his over hers. I will always be with you.


It was time to go. They’re all waiting.


When the church doors opened, she managed to suppress her thoughts and stifle her tears. The stained glass window bathed the church in a ethereal amber. Her betrothed awaited her, rigid and taut. His shoulders sank in relief as the swell of the wedding march brought his bride forward. The man of the golden fields remained only in her memories, and deepest secrets. Her steps were leadened as she trudged forward. Torn between obligation and passion, she pressed on. Ready to sacrifice her happiness for his.


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