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Submitted: March 15, 2018

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"Tell me the truth!" He screamed at the top of his raw lungs. Tears were burning his eyes, partially from the pain of yelling and the other half from choking on clouds of cigarette smoke. A tall, pretty lady in a red dress stood in front of him, inhaling the cigarette and exhaling the smoke towards him. He coughed and a slight smile flicked on her lips for a moment at his suffering.

“Honey, I don't have to tell you anything. You already know the truth, you don't need me to tell you.” He let out a loud groan. He dropped to the ground, kicking up dust which was a contrast to his black tuxedo, and put his head on his knees in defeat. The woman inhaled the cigarette again and strutted a few feet away, the bottom of her sparkly red dress dragging along the ground in suit. The woman turned around and scowled at him but the man was too busy self-pitying to care or notice. She walked back over to him and dropped down in a crouch to his level.

“Oh, c’mon darling, isn't it better to live life in a bliss of lies instead of being destroyed by the truth you wish to know?” He looked up at her face with glistening red eyes. He lifted a his arms up and pulled her into a hug, stroking her wavy blond hair like a mother would to calm a child.

“My dearest love, the truth is better than the lies, even if the truth rips apart the very foundation of your beliefs.” The woman closed her eyes and let out a small sigh, pulling back from the man. She was met by sad eyes, a mirror of her own.

“Im so sorry my love. But if I tell you the truth then I will lose you forever. I am positive of that, and I would hate myself if I allowed that to happen.” He gave a small smile and leaned forward, planting the gentle seed of a kiss on her smooth, fair, forehead.

"Honey, I could never hate you, no matter how monsterous the truth you bear is." He murmured sweetly. The woman closed her eyes and a tear runs down her face for the first time in forever. She opened her eyes and smiled at the man, who smiled in return.

“Ok my love.” Her soft voice was almost a whisper, like a gentle breeze. “It’s time to tell you the truth.”


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