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Submitted: March 09, 2018

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Submitted: March 09, 2018





  It's no joke, my wife has been laying eggs like a hen, there's

about a hundred of them scattered all through the house.

She must have some woman's problem.

- Don't walk on them Tim!

- No, well it's a bit hard not to trip over them!

  Yeh well it's hard to avoid them, they're quite a collection.

- What are you going to do with them, make a hundred


- I've got something in mind, don't you worry about that Tim.

  The eggs have hatched, little men have come out of their

cracked shells, and they all look like me.

- How come they look like me? Did you rob my sperm while

I was sleeping?

- Don't worry about that Tim, they're just better versions of you.

- They're going to be hard to feed.

- I'll figure something out.

  My wife sat her brood of little men in front on the television,

in the living room while we went to bed.

  I wake-up in the early morning and can't move. I see all the 

little men, all the replicas of me, climbing over me with string, 

they've tied me up. They're starting to eat me!

- Help! Help!

- Shut-up Tim! My little men need some nourishment!

  Each day the little men in my wife's haram grow bigger

and bigger, as they eat more and more of me.

  I yell out to my wife...

- Don't you love me anymore?

- Don't you worry about that!
















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