The Mark of the Undead: part I

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This is a short story about The Mark of the Undead.

Submitted: March 10, 2018

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Submitted: March 10, 2018



The Mark of the Undead: part 1

One morning, all was quiet in the Lunerman's

house. Mr. and Mrs. Lunerman were still sleeping. It

was 7:01 a.m, and not a single soul was stirring. All

except for Marlynn Lunerman, whom was, at the

moment, live-streaminga Youtube video. "...and I'm

awake, of course.Just me. How cool?!Anyway,

today's video is about whether ghosts are real or


Just then, Marlynn's phone rang. She answered it,

of course. "Hello?"Marlynn asked into the phone.

"Hey, just wondering if we're still on for tonight at 8

o'clock p.m. Ist that okay?" asked the voice.

"Absolutely Jake!" I can't wait!" Marlynn replied. "Ya, I

can't wait either. I'll pick you up at 7:45 p.m? Cool?"

asked Jake. "That'll be great, Jake, thank you very

much! Bye," Marlynn replied, then she hung up the


'Oh yay!' thought Marlynn, 'I get to go on a date

with Jake. Jake is this geeky-guy who is all-in-all

weird. But for some reason, Marlynn liked him and

Jake liked her.

‘Anyway,’ thought Marlynn, ‘maybe i should call

Piper, to tell her the good news.’ A few minutes later,

Piper picked up the phone. “Piper MacWarle here,

how may I help you?


“Okay. Okay. Slow it down please, it’s hard to

understand you.” Piper said. “Jake is taking me on a

date at 8:00 p.m. He will be picking me up by 7:45

p.m. There! Is that slow enough?” Marlynn replied.

“Yes, thank you,” Piper said, but eager to know more,

she continued, “Do you even know where you are

going?” “I don’t know where I’m going, for it’s a

suprise.” said Marlynn. “Oh, okay. But still, you like

really need to find out where you are going so you can

know what to wear!” demanded Piper. “Jake said I

should wear something a little classy but formal.”

countered Marlynn. “Okay, well then bye!” Piper said,

then she hung up. “Well sorry no ghost talk.” Marlynn

said to the viewers. And then she shut off her


As it was nearing 7:45 p.m, Marlynn got anxious.

She thought things like, ‘What if he stands me up?’ or

‘Will he like my dress?’. She was wearing a blue and

read dress, black high heels, and her hair was down

but wavy. “You ready for your date, sweet pea?”

asked Mrs. Lunerman, as she walked into the Living

Room. “Yes Mum. I feel it will be a splendid night.”

replied Marlynn. “He better be a gentleman, and nic,

and kind or I’ll…” started Mr. Lunerman as he walked

into the Living Room, but he was interupted by a

knock on the door. “See Dad. He is a gentleman. He

walked to the door. And he is here at 7:45 p.m sharp!

Bye Mummy and Daddy!” said Marlynn as she walked

to the door. She opened the door to see, not Jake, but

a man in a brilliant light blue tuxedo. “I’m Mr. Jake

Flarington’s limo driver.” said the man. “Thanks,”

Marlynn said as she walked stunned to Jake’s

amazing limo.


“One word for you Jake: how?” asked Marlynn as

she sat in an elegant limo seat. “Well Marlynn to

answer your ‘how?’ I work as a part-time assistant to

a big time lawyer. I’m only part-time because I have

school. I’ve been saving money since I worked for

him, and I figured I’d buy a limo for this occansion,

and every occansion like it after this. However, I still

have to live with my awful, alcholic dad. My mom left

because of him, but my dad says it’s because of me. I

swore myself never to be like him, so I work. Anytime

I can, I work. To keep me away from him. So I pretty

much never see him.” Jake poured from his heart.

“Oh,” Marlynn said simply, “Well anyway,” clearly

changing the subject, Marlynn askes, “Where are you

taking me?” “To Rosita Fle Vino Park. Or Rose Park.”

replied Jake. “Oh, what will we eat?” asked Marlynn.

“I planned for us to have a spectacualr picnic, after all,

picnics in parks are quite exquisite. An exquistite meal

for an exquistite girl.” said Jake. “Thanks Jake. A

picnic sounds lovely.” Marlynn replied. And it was

quiet all the way to the park.

“We have arrived Mr. Jake. Where shall I be?”

asked Mr. Hopplebog, the limo driver. “Um, could you

park not at the park. How about at a resturant, and

you go inside and you eat and have fun! Godbye!”

Jake said. “But…” “NO! You will go and have fun! I will

call you when I need you!” demanaded Jake. “Yes Mr.

Jake,” and after Jake and Marlynn got out of the limo,

Mr. Hopplebog drove off to...somewhere.

Anyway,, Jake quickly set up the picinic while

Marlynn waited quietly on some grass nearby,

watching a squirrel on a tree. When the picnic was set

up, Marlynn and Jake started to eat(after Jake

blessed the food of course). “So how’s your life

going?” asked Jake. “Quite fine thanks. I was going to

make a Youtube video about if ghosts were real or

not. It didn’t work out though.” Marlynn replied. “Oh

sorry,” sighed Jake, “You want to go to the Rosita

Cementary, after we pack up our picnic?” asked Jake.

“Umm sure. We will be home by 9 o’clock p.m though,

right?” asked Marlynn. “Yes.”


“Jake, it’ getting kind of dark.” Marlynn said. “Oh

don’t worry about darkness. We’ll go home soon. I

just want one grave.” promised Jake. “Seems like

we’ve seen more than one grave already though.”

murmured Marlynn. “What?” “Nothing.” Marlynn

replied quickly. She then tried to catch up with Jake.

While she did, she toppled over a root or dead vine, or

maybe it was...No it couldn’t be what she thought! “

“OOOF!” cried Marlynn. “You okay?” Jake asked.

Marlynn groaned as she stood up. “Hey, you found

the grave!” cheered Jake. ‘Yay me!’ Marlynn thought

sarcastically. “This grave belongs to Mr. Venio,” Jake

started, “and he died about 50 years ago. Or 25. I

don’t remember.” ‘Yuck.’ thought Marlynn, ‘I landed on

a recently dead man! Eek!’ “Anyway,” continued Jake,

“Mr. Venio died of a powerful curse cast upon him by

an evil “sorcerer” by the name of Mistress Houndly.

The curse was that he would have to start bearing the

Mark of The Undead. The Mark of The Undead is

where the bearer of the Mark of the Undead will never

truly be dead or alive. The bearer will die shortly after

getting the Mark of The Undead, and their spirit or

ghost wanders the world for eternity. If you touch, or

get touched by the bearer of the Mark of the Undead,

they become the bearer of the Mark of the Undead.

The Mark of the Undead looks like a little circle with a

skull inside the circle and an arrow through it.”

“Wow.” Marlynn said very, very simply, for she was

very stunned. “I know right, but since he is dead, or

undead, no one I don’t think can get the Mark of the

Undead!” Jake concluded, “Well, shall I take you

home now?” asked Jake. “Yes, yes please!!”


When Marlynn returned home, Mrs. Lunerman

asked Marlynn eagerly, “So, how’d it go?” Marlynn

then told her all about her night; the picnic, the creepy

graveyard, and finally the limo ride to and from her

house. “Neat honey! He sounds really nice!” Mrs.

Lunerman said. “Ya, he is really nice,” Marlynn said,

“Well I’m exhausted. Tell Dad about what happened

please! I’m going to bed!” Marlynn yelled. “OK!”

Marlynn quickly fell asleep. Finally, the next

morning, she awoke to see a circle, with a skull inside

the circle, and an arrow through it, on her arm!


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