Bad Pick.

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Of all the people to bump into, trust me to bump into my girfriend's ex-husband. He seemed okay until I heard from her what he was like.

Submitted: March 11, 2018

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Submitted: March 11, 2018



I accidentally bumped into this guy at the supermarket. He said to me, ''Aren't yyou the guy who's dating my ex-wife?''
''Who's your ex-wifé?"
''She's that gorgeous piece! Wow! Her name is Helen.''
''Why did you leave her?''
''Listen mate, I didn't leave her, she left me.''
''What happened?''
''Too long a story to go into. But you take care of her.'' Then he left.
When I got home, I said to helen, ''I met your ex-husband at the supermarket!''
''That good for nothing, you mean? He's a worthless so-and so.'' She said.
''He seemed an okay fellow to me.''
''You're not his wife, are you? Well, I mean his ex-wife. I know what he's like. Just fit for the rag heap.''
''Surely he can't be that bad!''
''He was, I can assure you. If there were a hundred husbands in the world, he would be placed bottom.''
''There are always two sides of the story,'' I said. ''I would like to hear his side.''
''How come you're so interested of what happened between him and me. Aren't you satisfied with me?''
''Of course, I am, but it so happen that I find it interesting to hear both sides of the case.''
''Get yourself ready, Mr Judge, we're off to see my sister.''

Betsy was living a few kilometres from us. We always go up twice a week to visit her. Betsy is divorced and has two children 6 and 8. She loves her family , and always visit them no matter where they are. She once said that if they were on another planet, she would have found a way of getting there. Helen had talked about Betsy many times. Not only Betsy, but the whole family. In no time I met them all, and found them to be a very close knit family. There were no contention between them.

We arrived at Betsy and found her in the backyard playing with the kids and thei blacl Labrador dog. After all the hugs and greetings had taken place, we sat down with soft drinks and started chatting. Talk about chatting, I think Betsy could have won a competition doing so. Apart from that, she was really a nice person, and treated us well. She was short, little on the plumb side with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She told me why she and her husband parted. Helen already knew the story, but still listened. He had said to her that he was working late, but had gone to the restaurant with this other woman. There was no way out, so he confessed, packed his things and left.

Back at our own place, helen said, ''The men these days are ridiculous! They're not trustworthy. I'm not talking about you as yet, for we haven't been together that long.''
I said to her, ''You'll have to wait a long, long time before such a thing should happen to me. I'm a one woman man. There's no need for me to go around with other women.''
''Good for you,'' helen said. ''Because if you did so, you'll find yourself where my ex-husband is. I cannot stand untrustworthy men.''
''Relax, Helen, relax and you'll find out for yourself just what type of person I am.''
''I've got a good feeling about you. I trust you.'' Helen said.
Thanks for that! You know I won't let you down.''
''Try if you can, James, to avoid my ex-husband. Don't let him capture you with his lies. He's lucky it wasn't Betsy he had to deal with. He would have been out a long time ago. Some men! Ooh!''
''Okay, Helen, I got the message. I'll go and get the car ready for our trip down to your parents.''
''You do that, and I'll pack a case.''

Cleaning out the car, at the back seat, just under the springs, I saw this photo. It was of helen and another man. I stopped cleaning the car, and took the photo inside to show her.
''That's quick,'' she said, then she saw the photo.
''Where did you find that?'' She sat down on the sofa, and I stood there looking at her, waiting for an explanation.
''I've been looking for for that photo all over the place.'' She took it from me. ''This is my brother, he gave me this photo just before he left for Canada. We haven't heard from him since. He is the only one that is not close to us.''
''And there was I thinking you had another on the side.''

The End.

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