The Crying Rose

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Submitted: March 11, 2018

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Submitted: March 11, 2018




Italian Power

Hijacking the antenna of my central emotional tower

I’m feeling defenseless

Keeping me weak and relentless

I cannot breathe

When he’s gone , I can exhale and finally be me


Space is needed when dressed

Unclothed, maybe the best, yet

My Aquarian bearer must continue to flow

Been in this port many moons ago

Shh, have to ease away

Caught up in my own game I have to say


Slipping in time, scared now of tripping, as he’s emotional dipping

Some would say, it could only be sheer bliss

Done all I could, heart, mind, body, and yes, with lips

Sneakered up now trying to run

Racing against time easing away from the intellectual fun

Remembrance of basking bodies on a terrace watching the kiss of the rising sun


Tomorrow, regretful goodbyes

Ecstatic to have been the apple of someone else’s eyes

Why am I whispering

Emotional words typed couldn’t be quoted more crispier

Had to use the three words

Feelings should be seen not heard


A false chain to bind

Who wants to give into that kind of personal time

Not me, myself, or I

I only run to fly

Men say women do not know what we want

We do, only on our terms, and was always upfront


Once emotions have all been met

My philosophy we lived, so let

Life moves on, who knows for how long

We sang, we joined hands, now we are at our last song

No chorus, and please no encore

I’m sinking from trying to swim back to my own shore

No laughter, no dinner, no wine, no more

Sweetly allow me to close my door


Who knows what life shall bring

Once batteries are gone

Like a canary, I’ll tweet for you once again to sing my nightly song

For now, I must bow in grace

Words to wound must be said to face

Life has taught me in a public place

As they say, revisit the scene of the crime

Italian dinner I shall dress up for, as I emotionally resign

Ti ho dato le stelle e tu mi hai dato la luna

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