Barney and the Bloody Minions

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A man makes a new toy, Barney and His Minions. But it quickly gets out of hand.


Chapter 1

Wyatt was a famous toy designer. He was known as Wyatt the Wonderful Wavy Toy Maker. Kids LOVED him. He made over three million dollars with each toy he made. Wyatt was a billionaire, and at one point in his toy making career, Wyatt had one hundred billion dollars. Wyatt was known as the best toy maker in the world at this point. A hundred of other toy makers were trying to get him to design toys based on their movies and T.V shows, but Wyatt said no. Sometimes he got selfish about making toys, and wouldn't let anyone come near him while he was making them. Wyatt had a girlfriend, and he would never get to spend time with her because he would lock himself in his toy factory, making away. Just a month ago, Wyatt was designing a toy for a show he made, called Barney and His Funny Minions. The show was about Barney, who was a tall, skinny giraffe, with a big happy smile, and he would play with his small purple minion friends. One day, Wyatt was designing an episode for Barney and His Funny Minions, when he saw someone was making a show called Barney and His Crazy Minions. Wyatt got mad. He walked out of his office, and stood outside of the office the guy who was designing Barney and His Crazy Minions in. When the man came out, Wyatt had a knife, and he killed the man by slitting his throat. The next day, the police arrived at Wyatt’s office. They came on with assault rifles aimed at him. They asked him to put his hands behind his head, and step outside. Wyatt did that. He was arrested. He heard a knock on his office door. There was Wyatt's girlfriend, Chloe. She said she would like to help Wyatt in his business. So that night Wyatt asked her to go search for some spare parts. After his years in prison were up, Wyatt decided to finish Barney and His Funny Minions. For some reason he started doing the Barney work at home. She went into his office and started searching. Wyatt’s office was big, so it took her a while. When she started walking she heard an extra set of footsteps like she was being followed. She looked back and all she saw was a prototype of the Barney models. She calmed down and started walking again. After a while she found about five spare parts and started to head to the exit door. She saw another model of a Barney and tried opening the door. It was locked from the outside somehow. She was very confused and frustrated and beat on the door hard. Then she heard the tiny footsteps. She looked back and the Barney model was on the ground, just laying there. She went to pick it up, but heard flying and noises at the other side of the office. Her heart started to beat so loud she could hear it in her ears. She was very scared and she doesn't get scared easily. She started to beat on the door rapidly. She heard whispering and called out for help. No one answered. The whispers were inhumane whispers. She ran away from the door and tripped over the Barney toy. She passed out.

Chapter 2

Chloe woke up a few hours later. It was three o’clock in the morning, and she tried to open the door again and it was unlocked. She went home and told Wyatt about what happened. Wyatt asked her if there was something wrong with his toys and him and his girlfriend got in an argument. At eleven o’clock a.m they went to work. They were really mad. His girlfriend and him got back to work and the Barney toy was on its shelf, Wyatt was still at her side, and nobody had been in the office yet. She asked him if he had been at the office before that. Wyatt said no. They went to see the minions Wyatt was making, there was a Barney with the wires out of its chest and there were minions on the same table around the Barney. Wyatt was confused. He hadn't even programmed the minions or Barneys to move yet. He thought he was going mad. He ran to his office and slammed the door. A few hours later Chloe checked on him. He was painting the minion’s hands red and had a sign that said “Barney and His Bloody Minions”. Chloe gasped and stepped back. She felt something touch the back of her leg. Chloe spun around to see a Barney toy, covered in red paint, and had a big creepy grin on it’s face. Chloe kicked the toy. The red paint got onto her shoe. She wiped it off and licked it off of her finger. It wasn't paint. Not at all. It was blood. Chloe screamed and turned around to Wyatt. Wyatt wasn't in his chair, and there was red stuff all over the table. She then saw the most brutal thing she had ever seen. She saw a hand laying on the tablet it looked like Wyatt’s hand. Chloe screamed, ran out of the office, and dialed nine-one-one. When the cops answered, she said, “There is terrible stuff happening, and-” the cops didn't here anything else. “Answer me!” Chloe yelled into the phone. She looked up and saw Barney sitting on a table with a piece of phone wire in his hand. Chloe gasped and dropped the phone. Chloe figured out that only if you look at them they couldn't move, so she looked at the Barney for a minute and a minion flew and sat on her shoulder. She didn't notice it until the minion wiped blood on her face. She screamed and looked away from the Barney. She flicked the minion off her shoulder and looked at the Barney. She was staring at an empty table. She pinched herself and reminded her that she couldn't look away from the toys or they would move. She went to Wyatt’s office and there they were. The minions and a bunch of Barneys were taking Wyatt’s hand and throwing it in a paper shredder. Blood sprayed across the room. Chloe screamed. She grabbed a handful of minions and Barneys. She found an incinerator in the back of the building. She threw them in it. She had bite marks all over her hand, but one of the bites had something in it, it was a razor blade. She thought for a second and then figured out they had razors on their mouths. Why is Wyatt doing this! Chloe thought. Chloe ran back into Wyatt’s office. She saw Wyatt sitting in his chair with his head down on his desk. One of his hands were missing. Chloe walked up behind Wyatt and said, “Why are you doing thi-” then Wyatt spun around. He had completely black pupils, two wholes for nostrils, and his mouth was just a long red line that was forming a smile. Chloe screamed. She jumped back. Wyatt stood up and looked at Chloe. “Please. Let me live. Let me fulfill my dream. I want to make the best kids show ever. Please, join me. We will have the best time of our lives! Each child that watches our show, will BE MURDERED BY OUR HANDS!!!!!” Wyatt yelled in a demonic voice. Chloe screeched. She grabbed a metal pole, and swung it at Wyatt. Wyatt jumped with incredible strength, all the way up to the ceiling. He grabbed some bars when he reached the top. Soon he began climbing along the ceiling with the bars. Chloe ran to the office door. She opened it, only to see Wyatt standing there. Chloe fell back in shock. She curled up into a ball, and began crying.“Please…...Wyatt……'re not like this. Please don't do anything to me……….what have I done to you?” Chloe said in a soft whisper. Wyatt knelt down, picked up Chloe, and held her in his arms like a baby. “Oh, honey. I'm so, so sorry.” he said in his normal voice. He walked over to the window with her.

Chapter 3

“I JUST WANT YOU TO DIE!!!!!!!” He yelled in a demonic voice. He threw Chloe through the window. Chloe screamed in pain as Glass poked into her skin. Then she fell about ten feet until she landed on the hard concrete. Chloe rolled over. She saw red stuff on the sidewalk around her. Chloe’s vision was blurry. She looked around the streets, and saw people staring at her, with their mouths wide open. “Whats wrrrrooo-” then Chloe’s head hit the ground. People screamed. Everybody that saw it dialed nine-one-one. When everybody dialed this, there phones blew up. Everybody dropped the hot pieces of metal that was once their phones. Their phones started melting in little bits on the ground. Wyatt jumped down onto Chloe. She was bleeding out of her head. Wyatt laughed and walked up to the terrified people. Barney then jumped out the window onto a woman’s head and started chewing on it. Barney began sucking blood from Chloe’s head. People screamed and panicked. One of the people grabbed a bat from a kids yard. He swung it at Wyatt. Wyatt ducked and the bat hit a man that was standing behind him in the face. The man fell back, clutching his nose in pain. It was bleeding and broken. You could see that it was bent. The man who swung the bat gasped. He got down onto his knee to see if the man’s nose was alright. Wyatt grabbed the two men by their necks and held them in the air. The men struggled to breathe. Wyatt squeezed a little harder, and the men died. Wyatt chuckled. “Never knew this was so FUN!!!!!” Wyatt said. He dropped the men and walked over to a woman who was crying. “What's wrong, DO YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU!!!” Wyatt yelled in a demonic voice. The girl stepped back and gasped. “I’m guessing you DO!!!!” Wyatt yelled, shoving the woman. The woman fell to the ground. Wyatt stepped on her chest. He put a little more weight onto that foot, making the woman struggle to breathe. Wyatt put a little more weight. Then he put his full weight. The woman’s lungs were crushed. She died. Wyatt laughed a demonic laugh. A man grabbed Chloe and helped her up. He put her over his shoulder and headed to the hospital. The man was about three quarters of the way there, when Wyatt dissolved into thin air, and appeared in front of him. The man gasped. He put down Chloe softly, then he got ready for a fight. He was an undercover cop. The man pulled out his gun and shot Wyatt in the heart, in in only a second. Wyatt held his heart. He fell to the ground, struggling to breathe. The man grabbed Chloe and began to walk. The man was at the door of the hospital when he heard a noise. The man turned around and saw Wyatt standing there. It was only a cardboard statue. The man turned back around. He entered the hospital. When the man found a doctor, he layed Chloe on a bed and told the doctor to help her “Okay.” said the doctor. The doctor had a mask over his face, and goggles on. The man couldn't see his face. The man sat down in a chair that was against the wall. He watched as the doctor gathered tools. When the doctor gathered all of his tools, he grabbed only one of them. It was a saw. The man took of his goggles, then his mask. It was Wyatt.

Chapter 4

Wyatt held up his saw and laughed. The man jumped up, grabbed a rolled up poster off of a table, and smacked the saw out of Wyatt’s hand. The saw hit Chloe’s leg, making her wake up. Chloe looked at her leg. It had a deep cut. Chloe then looked up at Wyatt. She screamed at the sight of him. Chloe rolled off of the table, and fell in front of the man. “Who are you?” Chloe asked the man. “I am Ray Taylor.” said the man, with his eyes on Wyatt the whole time. Wyatt disappeared into thin air. He reappeared behind Ray. Ray spun around. Wyatt held his hand out, and the saw flew toward it. Ray ducked, barely dodging the saw. The saw flew through the air. They heard screams outside. The saw had gone through the window, and went into a woman’s arm. The person fell down, screaming in pain.There was a stream of blood coming out of her arm. Everybody started running, and screaming even louder. Then Wyatt shattered a window and glass pierced into people’s skin. Wyatt lifted up Chloe and threw her into the tool table. But then he stopped her. He started crying. Then millions of minions lifting Barneys flew into the room. Then the minions lifted Wyatt and dropped the Barneys. They filled the room. Ray lifted Chloe and got her out just in time. A helicopter was flying in mid-air. They waved for it and started yelling. Ray threw a rock at them and they picked them up. Once they were on the helicopter it started to shake. The guy said it was just a little bit of turbulence. Then it shook harder. Ray looked out the window and a bloody handprint was on the window. He opened the back window and saw Wyatt crawling on the back of the helicopter. Wyatt’s hand was sliced open. He was muttering a name. Chloe’s name. Ray pulled his gun out and tried to shoot Wyatt. The bullet froze in mid-air. Ray’s mouth dropped open. Wyatt laughed a demonic laugh. Wyatt made the bullet fly at Ray. Ray ducked, dodging the bullet, but the bullet hit the helicopter driver. The helicopter drive fell limp. The helicopter kept flying straight. Ray thought they would be okay for a little, until he saw a huge mountain ahead. Ray closed the helicopters back window, and jumped into the driver seat. Ray turned the helicopters wheel to the left. The helicopter didn't move. Ray then saw Wyatt sitting on the front of the helicopter. The hood of the helicopter opter was open. Wires were hanging out of it. Wyatt looked at Ray and grinned. Then Wyatt picked up the helicopter engine out of the helicopter, and threw it at the ground. The engine hit the ground, and exploded a huge explosion. Ray looked down a few buildings were crumbled from the explosion. Ray looked back up. Wyatt was gone. Ray panicked. He looked back, and saw you can't see me, but I can see you. In blood. Ray read the words slowly. When he got to the last word you, Wyatt popped up. Ray jumped back. Ray looked ahead and the mountain was only a few feet away. Ray panicked even more. He jumped into the back, grabbed a parachute, put a parachute on him, grabbed Chloe, and jumped out of the helicopter. When Ray and Chloe were halfway to the ground, Ray pulled the string on the parachute. The parachute opened, but not all the way. Wyatt was behind Ray on a parachute, holding the parachute. Ray’s parachute was only half open. Wyatt then ripped the parachute.They all started to fall. Ray looked down. He saw a bigger Barney five times the size of the normal Barneys. Ray tried everything he could to not land on the Barney. But he couldn't move in mid air. Ray grabbed his gun. He started shooting at the big Barney. It didn't even leave any marks. Ray then felt someone touch him. Oh no! Wyatt! He thought. But no, Chloe had waken up. “Chloe, you alright?” Ray asked Chloe. Chloe nodded. Then Ray noticed Chloe looked like she was in pain. “What's wrong?” he asked. “My leg.” then Ray remembered. The saw had cut her leg. “As soon as we get down, I can take a look at it. Alright?” Chloe didn't answer. Ray looked at Chloe. She had black pupils, two holes for nostrils, and a mouth that was a big red line, forming a smile. “Oh………..go-” Ray was cut off, -when Chloe started screaming and yelping. “What is wrong!” Ray yelled, but Chloe didn't hear. Chloe yelled and yelled and yelled. Ray’s ears began to hurt. Then Ray heard an ear piercing sound. It was the giant Barney laughing. It sounded like metal scraping against metal. Ray wanted to plug his ears, but he couldn't let go of Chloe. Then Ray felt something touch his back. Ray then felt something else touch his arm. Ray began to worry. Ray managed to spin around in mid air, only to see Wyatt. Wyatt was staring at Ray, with a grin, that immediately turned into an evil frown.


To be continued……………………………………………

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