Changing Your Story

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They're always whispering behind closed doors and monitoring with electronic surveillance....

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



Cattle Mutilations are a highly effective literary device for changing your story, because this paranormal event introduces wildly divergent branches into your plot, such as Satanic Cults, Clandestine Rogue Government Agents, and Alien Entities of Extraterrestrial Origin.

Another powerful strategy for changing your story is an organic heavy metal compound such as methyl mercury which is polluting a lake via waste-water runoff from an industrial chemical manufacture facility.

The methyl mercury bioaccumulates in the food chain eventually ending up on the supper table of innocent citizens of the small fishing village that depends on the lake for subsistence. Victims of the nightmare mercury poisoning experience bizarre adverse effects on their central nervous system, such as numbness in hands and feet, difficulty grasping small objects or buttoning their shirts and pants - nausea, ataxia, shortness of breath.

You can even change your story by introducing a conspiracy where cash money at a central banking location (as a secret mind control experiment covertly executed by an unnamed paramilitary faction) is contaminated with a short-lived genetically modified organism that has transdermal properties. When unsuspecting shoppers handle the tainted money, they begin hallucinating that there’s an alien craft that will take them to a higher level of existence hidden in the elegantly streaming tail of a seven-hundred-year comet that is passing close to Earth. All they have to do to board the Shangri-La alien craft is kill the person standing next to them in line at the checkout counter.

The Health Department sends an enforcement team down into the city sewer system to flush out homeless squatters.  The primly attired officials with photo ID badges hanging on lanyards around their necks are shocked to find a hundred ragged severely emaciated human beings kneeling silently before a mysterious lava stone glowing with eerie green luminescence.

If you are in a shadowy room with a bright light aimed at your eyeballs while being vigorously interrogated by legal authorities, tell them you want to become an informant for the police or the NSA.

These are a few of the most highly advanced measures with which I am familiar for changing your story.

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