Hidden Illicit Emotions

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Hidden Illicit Emotions

Soothing mental love potion

Passion sinking within the feelings of the mind

No intimate table setting, no silken covered bed, not even a bottle of vintage wine

Mind to Mind


Displayed and understood to inquisitive eyes

Entrapping the rapture of a sweet transpiring worded surprise

Anchoring in the depth of a flowing cerebral ocean

Man’s presence bathing in the rainfall of true devotion

Setting the wheels in motion


Soft kisses here long kisses there

Tender skin coated as delicate cashmere

This is one of those impetuous poems

Sheltering our existence, keeping our bodies warm

Spooning one another while listing to the downpour of a climatic storm


No words needed

Two bodies overheated

Sedated in time, allow my words to mentally caress you

If you had one magical wish what would you lead me to physically do

Same page same mind

Much appreciated family jeweled pearls from mankind


The bed, our intimate table, silken skin to blanket, elixir of your lips a spiraling tailspin

Tell me now, how shall we begin

As I wait into your ship to sail in

The canal is clear

Whispered words in my ear

Pasted alliance have no fear, no insecure

Temperature rising on the hemisphere

Umm, you feel that my dear

My mind has adhered

Soaring soaring past the celestial frontier


Down to earth as we come down slow

Breathless from a current rushing flow

Weakened anatomies from head to toe

Hidden Illicit Emotions

Pleasing has upgraded your promotion


Here’s the key

Twist the lock as you please

Enjoy while turning me, glimpsing me

Indulgence of an enigma to set you free

One by one as we come

Two by two, now it’s just me and you

Three is definitely a crowd

Wooing me, echoes of minds, bodies clapping loud

Hidden Illicit Emotions


Koi No Yokan

Feeling me without sight

Giving you more heat, in the midst of night

Strolling down lover’s lane

Are you getting wet by my silken rain

Duty of woman to permit you from falling or going insane

Buckle up for a private mental game

Worded by a temptress dame

Hidden Illicit Emotions

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Dr. Acula

I heard these words, as if spoken , and they gave me an ear-gasm.
My mind has erupted, as I have eaten away every word with my eyes, licked upon every curve and dissolved every bead of sweet salty fleshy taste, melting on the tip of my tongue. And then, I came... back for more.
Such a delicious piece of hot linguistic fitness, writhing, contorting, in all positions , forming in the loins of my mind, a new way to achieve the edging experience of a sweet release; First, your turn, then mine, then both...simultaneously..over and over..
We should not hide such emotions; public bathrooms have no rules ;)
I love your writing, Kemy.
I got my seat belt on, silk and locked in.

Mon, March 12th, 2018 9:09pm


Mentally translated, no more standing on my toes
Physically down to please, you know how my whispered words goes
Sugary lines to tantalize, psychologically seducing my mind, and yes in all its truth
I’ve also heard. You want your cake and eat it to; passion arising to settle that sweet tooth
Games, me don’t play fair
Leaving you emotionally breathless and gasping for Kemy’s air
I’m a nurse, near or far, rescue breaths of erotic CPR
Ascend with me entwined, no rules as you say
Are you sure you want to come with me as we intimately play
Thank you for reading
Umm, hold me baby, I’m uncontrollably gushing while you’re leading
You satisfy the feeling of my flow, oh so well
Whereas, between you and I; hidden illicit emotions, by words, never to tell

Love and Hugs,

Mon, March 12th, 2018 4:35pm

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