Where the heart wonders.



My heart is searching for a Life not it's own,

Calling out for someone that I have not yet known.

I do not want to play games,

All I am searching for is Love and Love alone.


At night my feet are restless,

Keeping me up yet again.

I walk the streets,

Under a sky that is full of shining stars.


I run in the mist,

The cold envelops my being.

Step after step, mile after mile,

How can I be the same?


My eyes are wild,

There is a fire in my soul

And it sets my entire being alight.

I shout, I howl, I cry.


Am I more beast than man?

These emotions... these thoughts,

Somehow interlinked?

Every night I am taken to the brink.


Rage is born,

Anger burns,

A Furious Love is growing.

Silent prayers uttered beneath my breath.


I clench my fists,

My teeth and jaw grow tight.

One foot in front of the other,

Faster and faster,

Until I am dancing down the path at barefoot speed.


Away from people,

Beneath the witness of the stars.

I am myself,

Breathing in deep

And letting go in activity.


The distance does not matter,

For my mind has lost track of what people call time.

I find myself in another place,

Before me is the goal of my desire.


How can I explain what others have not seen?

Describe what they are not subject to believe?

Still I press on,

Before me lies the Hope of my Dream.


Restless before and after I awake,

I want what others so easily forsake.

Breathing in deep,

I ask the question,

Am I ready to take this leap?

Submitted: March 12, 2018

© Copyright 2023 5ilv3r 5trand. All rights reserved.

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