Scènes Réfléchies Sur- L'eau

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Liverpool Poets

Poems Written during travels and life in 2017

Table of Contents


REFLECTED   The palest sun i ever saw  shining in the darkest eyes Reflected on skin  kissed with fros... Read Chapter

I Have Watched

I HAVE WATCHED   I have watched smoke and cool rain  lived both river and winter cold  saw ... Read Chapter


LOVE Pour hearts and dreams into dark  i stand as your apprentice waiting for the next river the next winter the... Read Chapter

In Soil

IN SOIL Mischievous smile, she works the soil with her hands she is the blood in this life In winter she takes clay and with ... Read Chapter

Salt Water

SALT WATER leap across the emptiness  she had said I like to ride on trains and look at the faces looking at fac... Read Chapter


DANCERS When the girls suddenly changed  soft beguiling angles and spinning  beautiful shadows  falling delica... Read Chapter

Still Wet from the Sea

STILL WET FROM THE SEA Sapphire  Energy bright Copper salt entangled falling beautiful kissing your skin I am tr... Read Chapter

Venetian Still Life

VENETIAN STILL LIFE Built by Men and Gods with tools and love and beauty immersed in light and muted sense   The... Read Chapter

Clockwork Girl

CLOCKWORK GIRL Weave the lilting voices blend the blood and stone Angel of angles and sharp beaked birds  your h... Read Chapter


BURN   Guilt defines us and tears hold what is left together almost Sunlight do you remember that an... Read Chapter

The Bleed

THE BLEED   You mistake Death for Dying Death is the beginning of a journey and the end Dying is a little less oxyge... Read Chapter

You Write about Death

You Write about Death She said because it seems more real than life i said and  you can not love what ... Read Chapter


Shadow walk without shadow  unaccounted elegance  your God like disdain for little things but they matter l... Read Chapter

Your heart III

Your heart III a favorite toy, your heart like gold or sails flapping  or atoms collapsing in a universal dance tang... Read Chapter

God Willing and The Rain

God Willing and The Rain Taste the coldness of this place rent from the rain and the absence I am not this thing loose co... Read Chapter


JOINING Feel the water flow cold through my heart and fingers  liquid electric  wave of longing and ... Read Chapter

Strange Little Shadows

Strange Little Shadows Somewhere there is a non shadow reflection of the hate that flows through your blackened blood pum... Read Chapter


Cadence ... rain  your breath and body a rhythmic balance of  soft word and ravenous tempo cathedral space the ... Read Chapter

A Life Recalled

A Life Recalled in fleeting memory  and soft floating words and fingers Longing wraith scars the decadence of ti... Read Chapter

I love You Sunshine

I love You Sunshine It is only  sunshine  burning on  pale English skin  lifting the grey and the mist and th... Read Chapter

Blessed Blue Diamond

Blessed Blue Diamond Blessed brown earth bleed catch your breath in my breath through the dark you fly still ... Read Chapter


ADORN your fingertips with the blood of  a passing year  fleeting as snow and soft falling hair and lau... Read Chapter

A Small Offering

A Small Offering I found the beat of your heart in listless summer gold damp cooling body and the day to come entwine... Read Chapter

What If God

What If God What if God  is that smile you ignore  or the taste you disdain What if God  is the wind y... Read Chapter

Ghosts In Conversation

Ghosts In Conversation The hint of colour on your lips imagine the love before this wasted love stitched to your skin... Read Chapter

Blue Rain

Blue Rain Lit with sound Liquid sound my Dormant life of ritual and thought tend to the small things the. smaller... Read Chapter


Sunderer Drenched and stained  band of gold wearer is this a gift unfolding like arachnid limbs li... Read Chapter


for Grey Parrot Vienna, 1943
Read Chapter

and the footsteps were slow

and the footsteps were slow My grandmothers to me are always old one bird like and quick smiles one slower a ... Read Chapter

Descending Light

Descending Light Slip the rain and the whiteness  chase the hated  difference the hated thought you almost ... Read Chapter

Blood Music

Blood Music Wash away the taste with the taste of another chase the scent across lifetimes  and dirty shop floor cac... Read Chapter

so this

so this Sunlight falling  around you like rain and your beautiful face filled with lines sad from to... Read Chapter

Night Black

Night Black Time like dust blows past plans and dreams and love lost to other  love Your face st... Read Chapter

the shape of loss

the shape of loss grace held like tiny  fingers  Adorn the fading lights and  loss I save the ... Read Chapter

The Loss of Longing

The Loss of Longing As the blood pools slow and the lightness recedes you and i just skimming life falling in love with songs... Read Chapter


WATER Clear but for blue sky reflection haunted by ghosts in dreams shades of gas giants and  yearning Did you l... Read Chapter


BROKEN She sang simple broken rhyme off Broadway accidental intention I was nervous for her grace and melting anger H... Read Chapter


TOUCH Send your love in a photograph a sugar rush light dancing in eyes green as summer kiss the blade of your infinity ... Read Chapter


Lost you are the skin of my life holding all this stuff and nonsense safe in your gentle smile you are the dream i dreamt... Read Chapter


Love Songs close the distance between touch and  word Time has cleansed this love and polished  ind... Read Chapter


Death Stone drop water splash my blood  with your blood Skeletal Jewelled face haunting peop... Read Chapter


NIGHT night after her silhouette of life shrouded and taken Hope against full blue sky falling  never afraid... Read Chapter


MOON wet shapes heavy in air and the folds of your dress  whisper through strong fingers Feel th... Read Chapter


OCEAN Your shirt spinnaker dances the wind and your smile at the Ocean the firm litheness  fluid and lov... Read Chapter

In the Dark her footsteps Echo

In the Dark her footsteps Echo They bring their sorrow dance and cross night’s  frozen pieces spin  smil... Read Chapter

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