a day worth remembering

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Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



I don’t know what cane over me that day but I know for sure it’s not something I wanna repeat. It all started when I woke up this morning and heard an engine rev outside my window on the sceond floor of my house. As a human reflex I looked out my window and I saw a motercycke. The new kid at my school was riding it. She had long red hair and eyes blue as the sky. Her her skin was pale almost white, her eyes nails painted pitch black. As well as her lips coated in scarlet red. She was a bit odd but she reminded me of well-me. I wanted to meet this girl but what was she doing on her mother cycle at 4;30 in the morning on a Tuesday. I decide to get dressed and fallow her. Now you might be thinking, oh no this is where things fall apart. Well yes and no, you see this story goes on so stop thinking she’s the bad guy. She’s better than me. Now back to the story. I followed her to nicks house and at this point I’m thinking oh no cause nick is actually a girl who goes to my school. Her real name is Nichole and she is In detention every day. We used to be friends in our freshman year of high school but now she hates me. 

The new girl which I later found out that her name was Tyler, shirt for tylina. She went and walked up to nicks door and started banging on it and yelling for her to come out. Now nick lives alone so someone banging on her door at 5:00 am is usual well because she has a lot of enemy’s but how does Tyler know nick  when she’s only been to school one day. So I walked up behind Tyler. Nick comes out with a blank stare and yells cris which is me cris being short for Cristina. She comes up and hugs me. Now I was so confused cause she previously hated me and I ask her about this and she said it was an act because if I would have stayed friends with her I would be in danger. As it turns out Tyler and nick are sister who need my help to save the world. At first I was scepticul I mean who wouldn’t be when someone told you something like that. But it was true so I bet your thinking oh no what about my parents. Well most of the kids in my grade live alon including me I mean come on where seventeen and eighteen years old. We can live by ourselves. My parents aren’t an issue. So yeah anyway they needed my help cause of my quick thinking and afletic skills which apaperntl neither of them could to a cart wheel which is simple but I get it so tulips ( I mean Tyler) brought me in her house and explains everything next thing I know I’m being hit in the head with a frying pan and waking up and relizing this was all an alucid dream the whole time

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