The Moon’s Lesson From The Sun

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This poem, The Moon’s Lesson From The Sun, describes how the moon was, mean and gloomy. He soon made a friend, the Sun, and saw the world in a different perspective.

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018




The Moon’s all alone;

He surrounds himself with darkness.

Even though He looks big He feels small.


The Sun’s always happy;

She's bright and invites the warmth.

She hangs out with the clouds even though She stands out.


The Moon wishes to have friends;

He always looks and moves around.

But He can’t see anything, because He’s surrounded by the darkness.


The Sun spins around;

She brings joy to all in town.

The Sun’s important for many things around.


The Moon moves slowly.

He gets sadder when hearing the Sun was coming;

The Moon envied the Sun for all the friends She had.


The Sun comes around and smiles at the Moon.

Why do you always gloom,

Be nice a sweet and you will notice all your friends.

They will always be with you, until the end.


The Moon continued moving but thought;

He noticed the sparks in the dark.

Some say that Moon then looked brighter;

And from then on He put the party in the night.


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