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This is for The Imaginarium's Picture Prompt 2. Enjoy.

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



A hallway of decades pass, painted by the modern world with words of different graphic designs by unknown artist’s lies before me filled with horrific screams. All the doors are closed keeping hidden secrets behind their decaying faces, keeping the agonizing yells imprisoned. The mystery of what hides behind them remains an unanswered question for I am stagnant and frozen in place while hearing such horrors. My feet are unable to move forward as if nailed to the ground and all the way at the end of the hallway a devilish smiley face is starring into my soul as the screams continue. Why it was painted here in the first place remains a mystery. It is probably a symbol of pleasure to whoever is the tormentor of such satanic works behind the doors. Or maybe it’s just there to chill a harmless person like myself, and push them into the point of retreating from this place, but the answer remains a hypothesis.

Finally I can feel my feet push forward, step by step drawing closer to a nearby door that stands closed to my left. The screams grow louder as each footstep creeps closer towards the doors. The smiling face inflates gradually, still driving that chilling feeling into my core. My body is now crawling and shivering all over, making all the hair on my arms and legs stand. My heart now a racing machine as each beat pounds rapidly, vibrating my chest with its pumping action that now echoes in my ears adding to the screams.

I stop in front of the door to my left looking down at the silver knob that is fused with chrome and erosion. The scream behind the door now calls to me, beckoning me to open the door to be a rescuer of some helpless being who is a pawn of such torment. I grab the handle, feeling the cold metal on my skin that sends a tingle up my arm. My hand turns slowly while my ears listen to the slight screeching of the metal being turned. Though it was only seconds, it felt like a series of minutes that had passed by, and the door is swung open revealing what lies behind it. The secrets are now revealed to me as I look.



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