The Path

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Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018



The Path


  You walk down along winding dirt path. You come to a forest,

the trees are all burnt and dead. The forest floor is filled with the

skeletons of dead birds and small animals.

  You walk out of the forest and continue along the bare path

to a river. The river is completely dry. You climb down the river 

bank and stumble across the arid river bed. You climb up

the river bank at the opposite side exhausted.

  You start walking again along the path till you come to a large

black wall, with barb wire stretched across the top of it. It's to

high to climb over so you decide to head back, along the path

you've taken, but then you see a large antique key, with art

nouveau designs on it, on the ground. You pick it up and go

back to the wall, you find a door in it. The key opens it. You

walk through, into a lush green park, with a beautiful colourful

children's park in it, full of slippery dips, merry-go-rounds,

swings, and other happy rides. There's children in the playground,

and their dressed in dazzling colours also.

  You run up to them, to play with them, and they rush towards

you, and form a circle around you.

  You look at them closely for the first time. Their heads are skulls...

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