Are We Done Yet?

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A reaction to shootings and violence all over America.

Submitted: March 12, 2018

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Submitted: March 12, 2018




Those days that linger on and on,

Those days that we spend sitting quietly,

Those days when we joke about wanting death,

Are we done yet?


Those times we go home and laugh,

Those times we see our friends and cry,

Those times we fear for our family,

Are we done yet?


The innocents lost by evil,

The strangers we see shed tears,

The trauma that hangs above, eternal,

Are we done yet?


Those false prayers said by the wealthy,

Those actions by the saviors rejected by idiots,

Those families still crying for justice,

Are we done yet?


The terrors that rage our lives, yet are glanced upon,

The false terrors that go without privacy, yet “rage” on,

The teeth of those metal beasts set fully free,

Are we done yet?


Our plees for better lives ignored,

Our cries for change swept under rugs,

Our anger, used to fuel a revolution,

We are not done yet.


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