The Annals of Raeth: The Shard

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Magic. Life. And Adventure. A world of magic and glory. Mighty cities and Grand forests: Raeth. The center of everything and where all return to. A world of peace and plenty. Until now. Nik,
Jaceon, and Sarah, find themselves and their friends transported into a world that's tied to their past lives and that they are tied to as well. They must work together to help bring balance back
to the world and stabilize the Cycle. In the face of love, betrayal, and murder, they must fight to save not just their own, but many worlds.

Table of Contents

Death is Just the Beginning

He ducked as an arrow whistled over his head and exploded behind him, killing three of his comrades. Screaming in anger, he charged the e... Read Chapter

College, man, nothing quite like almost dying the first day

Sarah looked over at Jaceon as he stood next to her at the entrance to BYU. She bumped him as he ruffled his brown hair nervously, "Hey, ... Read Chapter

Food fights and creepy dudes

Food flew over his head as he headed out of the screaming courtyard, the Quad, with his friend following closely behind. Sarah ducked as ... Read Chapter

Wow, so original...

“Who are you?” Nik said stepping back to join Sarah and Jaceon. “That, boy, is for me to know and for you to not find out.” ... Read Chapter


The man revelled in the moment. He couldn’t believe that he finally had the girl in his possession! He could finally exact revenge on t... Read Chapter

A whole new world

Once he got over the feeling of being sick, Nik sat up and got his first look around. It looked to him like they were in a cave of some s... Read Chapter

Jam-je Kesk...whatever

When the mirage dissipated, Sarah’s jaw dropped to the floor. They had come out into a valley in the mountains. The city they were look... Read Chapter

Not my problem...

Abigail sat down on one of the benches in the front lobby and seethed inside. She had had a perfectly good life back on Earth. Her school... Read Chapter

Finally a few answers!

Ding! The elevator doors opened and showed them a room even more magnificent than the front lobby. There were paintings with beautifu... Read Chapter

Sometimes you just need to cuddle

Sarah led the way into the rooms, putting her and Abigail in the middle one, Jaceon and Nik in the right one, and then Dave and Ben in th... Read Chapter

Flight is the only comfort from nightmares

Dave lay in bed looking up at the ceiling. He knew he had to but he didn’t want to. He rolled over trying to ignore the nagging in the ... Read Chapter

A little overwhelmed

The morning sun shown in through the crystal windows onto Sarah. She stirred when a knock came on the door. Jaceon stirred as well and mu... Read Chapter

Traveling in style

After breakfast, Nik caught up with Ben, “Hey, I’m sorry about what happened in there, but don’t let it bother you! Abigail doesn... Read Chapter

Training is sooo much fun

Once the tank had rolled out of the massive garage and they had started on their way towards Büyük Yar?k that led out of the valley tha... Read Chapter

The Nest

Jaceon hugged Sarah, “Of course we want to see dragons!” Nik’s jaw dropped to the floor when he realized that Sharak wasn’t j... Read Chapter

Jaceon gets a big stick

The next week of travel was pretty boring compared to what happened at the nest. They all continued training and working on building up t... Read Chapter

"Earth has weird legends about us"

It was Sarah’s turn next. She walked up to the rack and glanced over the array of weapons. She ran her hand down the length of a sp... Read Chapter

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