Fishing with Words

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A young girl goes fishing at a river where crocodiles are. --- Why?

Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018



On a sunny summers morning a young girl was seen at the river, apparently fishing. And while she was seated on a fallen tree that lays at the edge of the river she saw a crocodile surface nearby.

"What is your name, child," asked the crocodile.

The young girl looked at the crocodile, but said nothing. So the Crocodile decided to move closer and to repeat the question, "What is your name, child?"

"Oh, were you talking to me?" the girl asked. Then she stated, "I am Jasmine, daughter of Dais.

And what of you, oh mighty crocodile, do you have a name?"

The crocodile moved up and onto the shore, then he replied, "My name cannot be pronounced in your language, so you may call me anything you choose."

"That is very good of you, indeed. Hmm, I think for simplicities sake I shall call you Crock.

Crock swished his tail around slowly while moving ever closer to the child's dangling legs, then replied, "Well said, young Jasmine.

Now tell me, child, what are you doing with that stick?"

The girl smiled and stated, "I came here to fish, Crock. This is my first time fishing, so only time will tell if I do well."

Crock moved ever closer to one of Jasmine's feet, then replied, "I doubt that you will catch anything worth eating with such a skinny little stick."

Jasmine replied while giggling, "Why Crock, this stick is not for fishing, the net is."

Just at that moment a rope was cut by Jasmine's Father, Dais. And as the rope was cut a tree was released so it could return to its natural upright position; thereby lifting the net that captured Crock within.

"Crock bellowed in anger, "Liar! You said that you came here to catch fish!"

"Silly Crock,' Jasmine replied, "I said that I was fishing, but I did not say for what."



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