The Call Of The Wolf

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Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018





(Poem Dedicated To Once Bitten Twice Fallen Novel)

Vacome Emotional Serenading Naynina


Hypnotic fiery illuminating eyes

Silently prowling the mountaintops, the inclined hillsides

You called out to me, I came unto you

Tonight, I submit my supreme reign, give veracity too


Howling to mate

Interring the bloodline of fate

Cushioned grass under one’s paws as we meet

The moonlight transforming from man to hairy beast

Hungering for his female prey dancing in heat


The full moon metamorphic beginning to set in

Sink your paws gently into my furry skin

Two planted hind legs standing to earth

Souls now lost in its new rebirth


One now, joined as the same

Flesh searing, in its internal flames

Equestrian lovers game

The call of the wolf conceding from the unification

The intensification

Furry Rejuvenation

Single shot institutionalization


Armor of coat blankets a man’s inner existence

A woman’s standing dormant sleeked pleasure of persistence

Once Bitten

Wolf has been smitten

 Twice Fallen

Nectar inhaled from its sweet calling


Submerged souls under the weakening spell of the Full Moon

Essence vaporing, gone too soon

Departing the warmth of a snuggling cocoon

Part of me

Adopt my creed


My Clan shall bow unto you as a woman from far across the lands

Now, your nightly wolfman

Emotional state has been transported, now combined

No pack included, but all mine

Come with me rain or shine

For all eternal through the ends of time

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