Gilbert the Frog

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Gilbert is bored with his ordinary life, follow him on his adventure to find a new occupation.

Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018



Once very long ago before there were phones and cars and air conditioning there lived a frog named Gilbert. Gilbert lived in a calm peaceful swamp with his family and friends all around him, he was perhaps the happiest frog in the whole world. But this story is not about that, this story is about the time that Gilbert lost everything. The day started out just as any other day, Gilbert got up, ate his flies and then went off to work at the daily pond catching flies to sell at the market. Once Gilbert caught the flies he had to then take off the wings and sell them after they had been turned to a crisp kind of like chips for humans, then once he was done with the wings he would sell the bodies raw for two maggots a piece. Gilbert liked his way of life but he was different from other frogs, he wanted to do something with his life not just catch flies all day. So Gilbert decided that he would venture away from the swamp and go search for a better life and adventure

Gilbert’s family insisted that he not go, but Gilbert simply refused saying that he needed this challenge in his life in order to make it better and thrilling. So he packed a knapsack full of flies in case he got hungry and then he was off. He said goodbye to the only life he knew and slowly started to hop his way farther and farther from the safety of the swamp. Gilbert quickly realized that this was going to be difficult as the swamp was in a valley surrounded by mountains that seemed as though they touched the sky. This did not stop his courageous soul though and Gilbert started to make his way up the treacherous mountains. Gilbert was about half of the way up the mountain when he heard a rumbling noise coming from above him. Then he noticed a cascade of rocks came raining down and almost knocked him off the mountain, right as the rocks were about to hit him Gilbert hopped to the right and dodged them by a hair. Whew, thought Gilbert and he started again on his journey up the mountain. Later that afternoon he camped at the base of the mountain after a long days hike. He fell asleep knowing that he was that much closer to finding his dream.

Gilbert woke up the next morning and started to make his way across the meadow hoping to find something that would fulfill his thirst for a new life. After he had made his way for about an hour or two he came across a small burrow. Gilbert was a very curious frog and he decided to look into the burrow to see what was in there. Just as he was about to stick his head down to take a look, Snap! A snake came flying out of the burrow and almost killed him. He grabbed a stick that was lying around and stabbed the snake until it died. Now he realized that he had found his new occupation, collecting snake venom and selling it as a novelty to other frogs. So he milked the snake and put the venom into a tiny glass container that he had brought with him. Then he started his journey back to his swamp.

It took Gilbert another day to get back to the swamp and when he did, his family was overjoyed that he had found a passion. Gilbert was happy as well and he decided to show the venom to his family. While he was walking over to show them he tripped over a rock and the venom spilled over his entire family instantly paralyzing all of them. Within one minute Gilbert was an orphan. He was overcome with sadness that he did not realize that some venom had gotten on him as well. Slowly his skin started disintegrating and his flesh started to burn away. He was now gone, but his legacy will always be here.

The End, Franzalo

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