In the tradition of Matthew Reilly comes a heart-stopping rollercoaster ride of a thriller!

A mysterious signal has been picked up by Echelon, the most highly advanced tracking system in the world, emanating from Ayers Rock in central Australia, the Great Pyramid in Giza, and deep below
the surface of Mars.

Enter Lieutenant Jake ‘Devil’ Delaney and his team of dedicated marines who have discovered something on Mars which could alter the balance of power on Earth forever.

The only problem is... someone else found it first.

Now, Devil Delaney must use all his skill, courage and experience to fight a battle that truly lives up to his motto... ‘Wherever the Devil goes, all hell breaks loose!’

This book has it all - space battles, Mars, Egyptian pyramids, Face on Mars, Echelon, Pine Gap, space Marines, secret underground bases, ancient aliens!

Table of Contents


Chapter 1       Outpost One: “Gateway”—14 miles west of Lincoln Base Cydonia Mensae, Mars (8 mil... Read Chapter


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