Before You Walk Out My Life

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Submitted: March 13, 2018

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Submitted: March 13, 2018





Heartfelt Love Letter

Hoping to make this much better

Italian Power

Blindsided in my darkest hour

You came like a romantic thief in the night to steal me heart

Leaving me totally breathless from the start

Please do not blame me for bowing down

I feel like a queen who has now lost her crown

A knight in shinny armor you’re my forever Hero

Made in God’s image to emotionally match this Shero


Tears are falling, oh God yes they are

Not meant for you to ever lose this twinkling star

Who knows what the future may bring

Emotional words soaring as a bird tweets when it sings

I’m emotional mourning, so allow me to drift

No soothing words from you could ever uplift


You will always be my star, my galaxy, my moon

A love affair as deemed by me, gone too soon

But know this in the end

You will always be so much more than my lover and friend

For the love I lost I go away sad

No malicious intent to make you mad


For the door I chose to close is like slam to your heart

Leaving you in the cold never to return with a fresh start

There is a window you stated you may climb in to get at me

Set me free, please just let me be

I am hurting right now, if only you knew

Hiding behind my own words something so out of the blue

My tears my fears if you only care

No need to respond to the words of a lost love affair

My Love and Hugs…yes they’re still there

Kemy is the one that choose this ruling to somehow bear


Here we are face to face

Your wish tonight is to only share my space

Memories for us must be erased, please move on

I have no more emotional songs

It’s not the same

This is my life, my games


Breaking rules with words was never in the instructions

It only led to your imminent destruction

Swearing in Italian, pained emotions so raw

Guilty sight of not a last minute hurrah

Should not permitted entrance with that bottle of wine

Listening at the door falling for such heartfelt lines


Sweet talking

Should had let him keep walking

I just wanted to make things right

Before I let a being walk out my life

Needed space

Such a turn on to hear a handsome man beg with a touch of silken lace

I swear I am very strange some would possibly say


Eccentric, but selective in taste

Do not like to argue or debate

Hate to make you wait

Giving you the sweetest taste, not on a scale to even rate

Rainbow coalitions

Never defines my heart’s recognition


If it’s stiff it stays

Tools of the trick to comfort me in all strange ways

I never meant to cause anyone pain

No more late night rains

No more sunrise talks

Midnight walks

Spreading your Brotherly Love

While making the best of

Embracing some sisterly affection

Heart sinking now of its rejection


I need a glass of wine to unwind

Time has dipped

Standing to keep from an emotional slip

I need a runner who can fly with me

Sail my mind out to the sea

Allowing me to be his Queen Honey Bee

Pleasing to the senses from the head past the knees

Thank you and please, thrilling you unmercifully from the tease


Does anyone exist such as this

You know, someone just to jar a mind, let it float upstream carried away by a sensuous drift

No emotional attachment, games up

Relax your emotions as you are sipping from my holy grail cup



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