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What happens when your heart is pursued.

Submitted: March 14, 2018

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Submitted: March 14, 2018





How do we know when we are lost?

Is it different sights or different sounds?

Or is it a feeling that creeps up on us,

An inexplicable fear that grips our hearts?


How do we know when we are Loved?

When our hearts are pursued by a Reckless and Furious Love?

For it is not intellect but it is more than emotion,

The sense of a void that is being filled.


No, it is not hate or anger,

For with time that will fade away.

But it is Love that cuts against the grain,

Finding us in our mess and Loving us to our best.


Some try to explain, but fail everyday.

For they have lost their first Love.

A Love that Recklessly gives itself away,

Without fear of being pushed away.


Recklessly, Recklessly,

Jesus pursues us with his Love.

Not with a sword in hand,

But with healing and peace.


So many fall out of Love,

They forget that the choice was not theirs,

For we are Loved first,

Before we can even choose and even when we do not choose.


Love confounds the wise,

It turns Kings into fools.

The intellect is reduced to nothing,

For the heart takes the reigns

And pursues Recklessly a Life of Love above a life of hate.

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