A Life Lived Short Leaving Long Term Memories

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How a small creature can leave it's print on us without doing any wonders. An experience worth sharing.

Submitted: March 14, 2018

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Submitted: March 14, 2018



I went in my garden that day,

To find my little sister feeding a kitten,

It looked scared and hungry, starring us with dismay.


It was brown and black in color, with bronze eyes,

We had no idea from where it came and who brought it there,

Feeding it once we thought it might leave, but it stayed there the full night.


My little sister, obsessed with cats,

Seeing there was no where the kitten would go,

Decided to raise it as our own pet.


My dad, with a dislike for cats, was not so happy,

But we stayed firm with our decision,

We gave it a name and decided to calle her Runie.


Days passed and Runie kept on growing,

Her soft purrs filled our house, watching her play relieved our stress,

As a part of our family member, we kept her loving.


Whenever I used to come home from work very tired,

She used to jump on me from nowhere ,

Brushing her body on my legs and asking for food, which I really admired.


At times when Runie got very hungry,

She used to run behind the sofa till we fed her,

Boy! My dad used to get so angry.


As it is a sad fact of life that no one lives forever,

Runie went missing for three days and we kept on wondering where she went,

On the fourth day we found her dead inside the car’s bonnet, that day we lost a treasure.


Now when I open my door to leave the house,

There is no one outside waiting eagerly to be given food,

There are no purrs, no meows, no one for my dad to shout.


Runie hardly stayed for 3 months in our lives,

But the memories she left can never be forgotten,

Because of the times when she brought on our face, those smiles..


So here is my message to all the cat haters,

Cats don’t have a language, but at times they can understand more than a human,

Give A little kindness, a little love, and see how they’ll do wonders.


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