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beginner in writing, expressing my experience and struggle going out in life and what i am learning from these experiences..

Submitted: March 14, 2018

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Submitted: March 14, 2018



As a human being we all have desires, goal, aim, wishes, dreams to achieve so that we can make our life worth living.You must have seen so many people in your life or you can say the famous personalities who has achieved something big in their life through their hardwork, commitment, passion and through their 'never give up' attitude which has led them towards success.We can find countless examples in our country i am going to name a few personalities who did not belong from any special background behind them.For instance milkha singh, kangna ranaut, sachin tendulkar, shahruk khan and many more. They were common people to whom no one knew, who had limited resources like any common person of our country has. They only had the mindset that they want to do something big in life. There dreams were high, their ideas were different and courage to take a step ahead to make that dream real in their life.

I believe if you can dream to achieve your desire than you surely have that capability to turn them into reality.Having faith and courage to take risks is the first step to achieve your dream.

Learning attitude is going to help us in this journey towards success.There are so many chances and so many situations would come in this journey where you will feel to quit in the middle and that situation could be anything like emotions going around in your mind, changes in your life, challenges you will face, but there is an old saying that 'time never remains the same' we should always keep this in our mind that these are just phase which will go but to stop yourself from taking steps towards your dream is never been a good idea. Mostly in our country women generally face challenges to pursue their dream they even dont dare to think about their desires because they are surrounded with so many judgements, fear, opinions, boundaries, we see in terms of choosing their career or to have different thoughts.I am very aggressive in the matter of women empowerment issues, once i read an interview one of our famous actress kangna ranaut and she wrote that no one allowed her in family when they got to know about her wish to become an actress. They expressed their anger and said silly to her. But the courage within her and the zeal to do something big in life helped her to unlisten all the negativity from people around her. Even if we get fail in achieving our goal from one way never underestimate yourself instead be more aggressive and try to find other ways but never let yourself stop.There is an hindi saying 'chalti ka naam zindagi' (living is the name of life) when you dreams you learn to live :)

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