Narrative Alchemy

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WARNING! Reader discretion is advised!

Submitted: March 14, 2018

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Submitted: March 14, 2018



WARNING!  Portions of the content in this essay may not be suitable for readers with delicate constitutions....

Some secrets for creating engaging characters and vividly transporting plots are to research neurology to ascertain a thorough understanding of the physiology of emotional attachment, because novelty is the key to successful writing. As astonishing as it may seem, even now in the twenty-first century there are many subjects that have yet to be touched upon, many angles of approach which thus far remain unexplored in the bewitching medium of paranormal suspense writing.

When you have become adept with the physiology of emotional attachment, research separation anxiety. You can evolve characters with whom your audience becomes emotionally attached, then subliminally alter your plot to deprive readers of those whom you have caused them to love, thus creating a deeply rooted psychological horror which readers don’t readily perceive consciously, yet of which they are blatantly aware at the subconscious level.

Indirect horror which isn’t entirely understood is the most horrifying horror of all, yet you will win a greater following of adoring loyal readers by fleshing out your horror with meticulous detail, as long as each explanation you provide leads to another mystery.

You have the macabre option to apply your understanding of emotional attachment and separation anxiety to a sinister brooding character, male or female, who has become drunk on the power and international recognition of being awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his or her profound advancements in the growing field of neurosurgery. We’ll call this psychotic genius, Borgnine.

This devious neurological prodigy has a private gated compound in a remote wilderness region where, in a personal modern fully-equipped medical laboratory, Borgnine performs brain surgery on those unsuspecting victims lured to the compound under insidiously false pretenses of nature therapy.

Before performing the neurological alterations on the physical encephalon of the unwitting pledges, Borgnine gives them an injection of insulin to induce temporary diabetic coma. Waking from the artificially triggered coma, the horrified test subjects find themselves locked in a sensory deprivation chamber, a gruesome psychoemotional tactic aimed at achieving a state of utterly diabolical separation anxiety. These steps - Borgnine has formulated in a vicious mind control plot - are necessary prior to the evil brain surgery in order to effect the desired result of intense emotional attachment (and therefore complete submission) to their depraved megalomaniac captor, the violently feared cult leader, Doctor Borgnine.

Make sure you are well-briefed on Subproject 69, the mind control experiment covertly funded by the CIA and headed by Professor D. Ewen Cameron during MKULTRA. Verse yourself definitively in poisons such as Dead Man’s Bells, and lethal narcotic injections which can escape notice in post-mortem examination toxicology screens, id est, potassium chloride.

Here are some additional tips for writing terrifying horror. Be proficient in knowledge of real life horror, exempli gratia, in 1956 Minamata city Kumamoto prefecture, Japan, a worried mother brought her five-year-old little girl into Chisso Corporation’s chemical factory hospital. Physician’s were at a loss to explain the helpless child’s symptoms - difficulty standing, inhibited speech, seizures. In the shadowy wake of the girl’s mysterious illness, crows dropped dead from the sky while bloated fish carcasses floated belly-up on the surface of the bay.

Shortly thereafter, the medical facility was swamped with victims of what was labeled Strange Disease, or cat dancing sickness, due to the bizarre behavior of felines that staggered off the docks to drown in the dark water of the murky bay.

Months of research into the cause of the inexplicable epidemic finally revealed that waste-water runoff from the Chisso chemical factory had contaminated the bay with high levels of heavy metals such as manganese, selenium, thallium, and mercury. The causative agent was determined to be a highly toxic organic mercury compound, methylmercury, that had bioaccumulated in seafood eaten by Minamata city inhabitants, resulting in poisoning of the local populace.

The mortality rate was shockingly high - 36.7%. By some estimates, over two thousand victims died gruesome agonizing deaths due to irreparable damage to their central nervous system before the flow of pollutants from the industrial chemical factory was stemmed.

Early in the spring of 1993, Milwaukee area emergency rooms were inundated with patients suffering from extreme watery diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dehydration, fever, and vomiting. A disease of unknown origin was spreading like wildfire throughout the panic-stricken population. Before the tragically fatal outbreak was over, 400,000 people would be infected, 69 of whom died.

The culprit was a deadly microorganism, cryptosporidium, a nasty parasite found in raw sewage. The insidious public health hazard managed to pass through a water treatment facility to reach homes throughout the horrified city, resulting in the largest outbreak of waterborne disease in recorded US history.

Certain conspiracy theorists allege that these grievous catastrophes were no accident, having been planned and executed (as experiments for engineering weapons of mass destruction) upon unsuspecting control groups clandestinely selected by an unnamed power-mongering faction of the Corporate Controlled Military Industrial Complex.

With these advantageous tips you’ll be on your way to writing horror that will chill the spines and terrorize the minds of your growing following of devout readers.

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