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A young girl's account of going to school where everything right down to the lengths of their toes is regulated by a fascist school system.

Submitted: March 14, 2018

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Submitted: March 14, 2018



Lucy took off her shoes in the main reception, as she'd seen other students do. Now that she was barefoot she was allowed into the school hall for her first assembly at Novasch Barefoot Boarding School for the Perfection of Girls.

"Good morning, girls. Welcome to Novasch Barefoot Boarding School; I am your head, Mrs Walker." Announced the Head Teacher, Mrs Walker, who had only her second and third toes remaining on her feet, "Just to remind everyone: footwear is forbidden for students in our school. Any student found wearing footwear on site will have ALL of their toes cut off. Repeat offenders will have BOTH feet cut off. It is illegal to be without feet for longer than 48 hours, and it will be punished by death. Teachers can implement sanctions involving the removal of toes and feet if they feel it is necessary. I will now pass you over to my deputy, Miss Tache, who will assign each of you to your houses." Miss Tache, who was only missing her two big toes, stepped forward and read out four lists of names: the first for Lady Mary; the second for Mistress Joanna; the third for Queen Henrietta; and the last for Lady Jane. Lucy was in Queen Henrietta but instead of paying attention she thought about her cousin Emily who had been hanged for Incorrectness at the end of their final year at Primary school. Incorrectness is the crime of having big toes longer than the second toes. Those guilty of such a crime must be either executed or undergo "Correction" before they are 15. "Correction" is a painful process involving the lengthening of toes other than the big toe: always the second toe; often the third toe; and sometimes the fourth toe. The intention is to make sure that the second toes are longer than the big toes so that a girl's feet can be considered as "Correct" and the girl considered as "Eligible for adulthood".

Towards the end of Primary school, "Correct and Eligible" girls had the little toe removed from each foot, "Incorrect" or "Ineligible" girls did not have any bodyparts cut off but they were stripped naked and publically hanged from gallows erected in the middle of the playground. If it was known that a girl had undergone "Correction", the little toe of the right foot would be cut off but the left little toe would remain. If a girl had been "Corrected" and it was not known, it was assumed that she was naturally "Correct and Eligible". Lucy was naturally Correct and Eligible. She remembered being tied facedown to an operation desk. The Pedalogist (toe surgeon) had measured Lucy's toes and had brought a small but very sharp knife to Lucy's feet. Lucy's two little toes were swiftly sliced off. A damp tissue was applied to the bleeding remnants of Lucy's little toes.

Back in the now, Lucy found herself walking with a dozen other girls to a classroom. Lucy looked down at all the feet. One girl had nine toes (five on her left foot but missing the little toe on her right). That same girl had circular red markings around her two second toes, presumably caused by the lengthening process. Ten of the other girls had the standard eight toes with no indication of Correction. But the last girl, she had ten toes - and her toes were Incorrect. A prefect, who had only her second toes remaining, pulled the Incorrect aside and led her to a dark room some way down a side corridor.

Lucy's group arrived at their designated classroom and each girl had to fill out individual Foot Assessments.

1. Please detail the lengths of each of your toes. (measure from the back of your heel) 2. Please inform us of the absence of any toes. 3. Please detail any medical conditions you have. 4. Please provide your footprints in the box provided. (Ink tray provided) 5. Please write your full name clearly. 6. Apply photographs of face and feet HERE.

Once the students had filled out the forms, the teacher came round handing out peraonalized timetables for each of the students.

The teacher then received a message announcing a Mandatory Execution. It was compulsory for every student to watch, so the teacher led her class outside to the Hanging Grounds. There were three girls heading for the gallows. All of them were Incorrect, one was the Incorrect Lucy had been walking with earlier. The three Incorrects had been stripped naked, their breats had been cut off and their vaginas had been slit and sewn up. Mrs Walker stood before the crowd, "These three girls are a disgrace to humanity. They have clearly and deliberately chosen Incorrectness and have therefore directly contravened the Law of Toes. For this, they shall be hanged. Jessica Parker, please step to Noose One." Jessica stepped up onto a small stool before the noose was put over her head. Jessica took a step forward off the platform. There were tremendous applause from the crowd as Jessica's neck snapped.

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