The crash

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Submitted: March 15, 2018

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Submitted: March 15, 2018



I told you I don't drink

Drinking is bad

So when I went to the party

I'm sure you won't be glad.


You see,my friends beckoned me on

Said I was scared

I got really angry

It troubled me not to care.


I had a few shots

And my head started to spin

I took no notice

And opened a bottle of Gin.


My friends stared at me in amazement

And told me to stop

But I cracked open a glass of wine

And swallowed it in one gulp.


My friends started to shout

So I swore to drink no more

That's when I tumbled and dropped the bottle on the floor.


It did not break

But rolled over as if on a hill

Then someone smashed it

And I started to feel Ill.


Then we started to leave

And tumbled outside

If only we had known

That we were in for a ride.


We stumbled into the field

And piled into a car

But when we noticed I was the only one with a licence

I realised I had gone to far.


I put my foot on the accelerator

And we started to go

But then someone started to race towards us

I thought I should know.


We had headfirst collusion,

And blood spurted out of every gap

We knew what we had done

We had walked into a trap.


My head hit the dashboard

And we started to cry

We knew we had committed a crime 

We knew we were going to die.


My actions have consequences

And I knew the day would come

I'm sorry if I disappointed you

But now my deeds are done.

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