That Ken Sanders

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It's about Ken Sanders. His short story before he met Johnny and Castello's..



November 23, 1890, Ken joined South Paddington’s central police department. It was his happiest day, because finally he found himself.

His first days were difficult for him, because he was American and at that moment nobody loved Americans. At first, Ken was usual policeman and he was walking all the day through dark streets of South Paddington. It was too hard for him and of course it wasn’t what he was expecting when he was coming here, in England. But he needed reputation and that’s why he was doing everything for that. Every day he was walking through dark streets of South Paddington, sometimes he was walking at the nights, dark nights. It was order. He was walking and checking if there was everything OK. Ken was walking, checking corners and dreaming that on the one beautiful day he would be detective, detective who would be known all over the England. But it was far away… One day when Ken was doing his job he did something that change everything for him and change everybody’s mind about him. Every police department in all over England was trying to find one man, who murdered many men, women and child, but they didn’t found him till this day. February 15, 1893…

February 15, 1893, Ken found him, a man who was murderer of many people. It was his day, a day of Ken, finally he got reputation but that reputation coasted him half of his left hand. Who was that murderer and how he caught him? ...



Federico Mancinoli was Italian born English man. Federico was his real name but nobody knew that till Ken caught him. Everybody called him “Mr. Paddy”. There was South and North Paddington and he was killing people all over both Paddington. 10 years, 10 years he was hiding and killing. 10 years, every month in dark night, in dark corner was dying someone, man, woman or child. Nobody knew who was killing them; he was killing without leaving sign, only letter. Letter in which was only four word – “See you next month”.  Everyone was afraid of going outside at the night. Streets were empty at the nights, but every month during 10 years still were dying people. Federico became nightmare of Paddington very fast. Every policeman was looking for him. Streets became full of papers, reward papers. Anyone who would found him would be rewarded by the government of both Paddington. Reward paper was empty, there wasn’t picture of Federico because nobody knew him, nobody saw him, he was unknown, on the rewarded paper there was only reward and picture of him drown randomly. Rewarded paper was empty till 1890; a year when finally someone called Uriah saw him. Uriah was one of Federico’s sacrifice and last one who survived him. It was usual day for Uriah, he was lying in the dark street of South Paddington’s and he was just surviving the cold winter in the corner of the street. It was December 13, 1890, Federico was dressed in black and walking down the dark streets, he was looking for someone, someone to kill. He found someone, Uriah, but he didn’t knew that it would be a moment, a moment when his career ended, bloody career of murderer. Federico was getting close to Uriah calmly; he was holding his knife, big sharp knife. Suddenly Uriah saw him, but he also saw policeman walking and hiding behind Federico. Uriah knew that policeman would arrest that guy if he would be calm. Federico was getting close and close, when he gets too close to Uriah he saw him looking at another place, Federico turn back and saw policeman.  Policeman, he wasn’t usual policeman; he was Ken, that Ken Sanders. Now, Federico and Ken looking to each other, they both are stoned. Federico, he has big sharp knife in his hand and Ken has revolver. Federico knew that if policeman would catch him he would be killed by crowd but if he would run that would be his last run. Federico decided to run, but god damn it, Ken was as good as his father in shooting from the revolver and he shoot in leg to Federico. >?




In nights, as usual in police department of South Paddington there were three policemen, one was guarding department and two were guarding cage full of prisoners. December 13, 1890 was unusual for department. Departments door opened, three men came into the department with noise, that three policeman thought it was rob and they run to the departments main room with revolvers and they saw Ken with two unknown man. Ken explained everything.

For the morning Ken already was hero of Paddington. Newspapers were full of Ken’s heroism. Ken now was hero. On the next day police department organized Federico’s death penalty by hanging and the head of department decided to hang him in the center of the city. From prison to center the way was long, so they took Federico with carriage but it was bad idea. Maybe not bad idea, Federico was genius. In carriage were four men, Ken and other guard, Federico and that one who was riding the carriage. City was waiting for them. But at last they disappointed. Federico ran. It was unbelievable. Federico’s escape leave scar to Ken. In that escape big part took that one guardian policeman and driver, as after that accident Ken found out that Federico promised both of them if they would help him, he give them map where was marked place full of Federico’s gold. And they believed him, idiots. So, while they were going to the center, where death and people were waiting for Federico, he stood up and hit his leg to Ken and as he was sitting beside driver he fall down right at the horses legs and in a seconds carriage went exactly to his hand and Ken lost half of it. While Ken was on the ground and he was screaming, Federico ran with them. While running policeman cut the rope from Federico’s hands, as soon as he did it Federico pushed him and driver and take the seat of the carriage…

Ken… Ken was in a shock, but he saw that policeman and driver and he took out his revolver and shoot six times at them without known what he was doing. City heard guns voice and in a minute all the city was with Ken. They took him in the hospital. It took weeks for rehabilitation for him. After that it wasn’t hard for him to made come back in his career as a policeman, but police department made him detective and they invited on detective in spite to help Ken.

Ken become famous and genius detective.

Everybody forgot about Federico, he wasn’t killing anymore. But years were passing and gossips about him were decreasing… last gossip about him was heard in 1897, people were talking that Federico couldn’t ran from county and so he decided to stay here in England,  he decided to change name and live with a peaceful life. People were talking that he was living in the Whitby, working there and also that he married one poor woman…



The End

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