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Submitted: March 15, 2018

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Submitted: March 15, 2018




Close your eyes and allow your mind to drift


A compelling word that warms the heart upon a meet


Feelings, emotions, sentiments in grace


Ordained and given from above


Depending on the place the mood


Feeding off a bathed feeling of a hushed groove

Voice unheard who entraps so smooth

Beguiling scrolls written as one must say

Such stimulating distractions to conceal at play

Heat seeking missile

Aiming steady while wetting the whistle


Setting up for a climatic upstage

Testosterone hungry upon a silken engage

White Flag surrendered scorching the mind

Rubbing within the genie’s lamp for a blissful desire of thighs

Granted wish of its enclosing surprise

Flames turned up leads to a combustible implosion

Intimate diversion

A hard weapon firing while sinking in an ocean submersion


They say the tongue is like a two edge sword

A handsome knight taking his time to explore

Soft lands of a monarch ruled by his mighty hands

Soaring mission has conquered the wet lands

Face to face bowed words in grace

Sedated as we lay in place

Minds crashing back down from outer space


Love, who needs it

Bliss for bliss is the ultimate emotional hit

A lover’s seductive tryst

Nude, other than the conception of time

Your mind or mine

Coming together as pouring fine wine


As we sip

Words taking a dip, tantalizing wet slip, sheet music of the mind to lick

Stick, upon piano keys

Melodies are now turning me

Shh, only you can see

No words if need be

Kee-Me, day or night

Play me up to broad daylight

Peaches and cream

So much tastier and sweeter outside your dreams

Heat, Face, Love, Nude

Four words served off a China plate of mental food

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