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We all want to die peacefully without regrets or grudges left behind. The truth must be told and our lies will be revealed in order for us to say our goodbyes. But, are you willing to confess that
you witness a murder? Will you risk everything you got to say the truth or will you take them with you into the grave?


My body has finally reached its limit. I can't bear it anymore.

I'm afraid to tell anyone the truth, but even so, they won't believe me. They usually assume that I'm lying. Which I'm not. 

My body hurts so much, the pain and agony have suffocated me. My body is shutting down slowly. I'm afraid. 

I can't breathe, my legs are numb, and my heart is beating rapidly. 

I don't want to die yet, not yet. I can't die until I tell the truth that hunted me for months-- I have lived in fear and sadness due to the incident. I have suffered for too long, Why can't I die happily? 

The truth hasn't been told yet, only I know. I witnessed the incident--I wish I didn't. The scene has torn my eyes out and crippled my body.

But, I know the truth.

The true reason for Jason's death.

The true identity of the killer who still lurkers the streets. 


Submitted: March 15, 2018

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