When Darkness Dawned

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It was unfair. She had been framed. Who else could it have been but HIM. Or maybe...

I felt as though I had been crushed. Part of it was the air wrenching punch, the other half...betrayal. The handcuffs snapped shut. I grimaced at the sudden pressure, but tried to disguise it by grinding my teeth. I would not give him the pleasure of seeing my pain. I would show no emotion.

I was marched briskly down the hallway under the dim lights. I knew that I should be memorizing the way out. Unfortunately, my vision was compromised due to the burning tears that would never spill. I shook myself out of my reverie. The smell hit me, damp and musty. Then, I was shoved into a room. It was white, my keen eyes noticed, the moment of self-pity long over. I was searched from head to toe, the process making me ache in nooks and crannies I didn’t know existed.

“She’s clean. ” My searcher announced.

“Not just yet!” barked the man striding into the room. My body sagged. I was subject to another half hour of torture.

I woke up in my cell, aware of the water dripping. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Would it ever stop? I smiled grimly, realizing that I had intoned a rhyme in my thoughts. Smiling in prison? What kind of psycho was I? With this last thought, I rolled off of my dirt encrusted cot and slowly made my way to a standing position. My earlier smile was wiped of my face as I remembered the previous day’s events. But now, the whole thing seemed strange, not right. It was like trying to fit two puzzle pieces together that didn’t belong. I paced my odorous cell, with fervor, although there was not much space to travel.

After roughly a minute on my internal clock, I heard the tapping of shoes on cement, walking in the direction of my cell. Subconsciously, I did two things. First, I tensed my muscles and made my back ramrod straight, assuming a condescending pose. Second, I thought to myself that since I had heard the tapping on cement, I couldn't dig myself out of here.

“Ahh, you’re awake!” grinned the man as he came around the corner. I recognized him from yesterday as the guard who conducted my search.

When I didn’t reply the smile grew, exposing beautiful white teeth, all perfectly straight.

“Why am I here?” I questioned him, remembering just barely to keep my voice neutral. His eyes twinkled, shining emerald as they caught what little light was coming off of the lightbulb in the passageway, barely clinging to the ceiling. Another thing I noticed: No window.

“Well didn't you know? You’ve been caught, dear. Stopped in the act you might say. And who to thank but your handsome friend.” He tapped his chiseled chin.

“So it WAS Finn!” I roared, furious. Wordlessly, he handed me a plate of food through the bars I was clenching so hard, and strode away, leaving me puzzled. Why would he give me hot food? I set the slip of metal on the ground and prepared to punch the wall, but stopped a hair's breadth away. It wouldn’t do to hurt myself.

I spent the day alert, trying to figure out the guard schedule, but it didn’t appear to have a pattern. I stayed awake for a long time, but everybody has to sleep eventually. My last cognizant thought before drifting off was making sure I was on my stomach, which would reduce the risk of snoring.

I was awoken by the feeling of someone’s velvety finger stroking my cheek. I slapped the hand away, only to have him grab my wrist. He released it just as quickly as he grabbed it, moving himself away to a nearby chair.

Uggh, him again. I looked past his face recognizing that I was in a different cell.In quick succession, I felt embarrassment, anger, puzzlement, and then exhaustion. I slumped back on the bed, clean by the smell of it.

“What kind of sick game is this?” I asked him, meanwhile trying to clear the fuzziness from the edges of my vision.

Not giving him the chance to answer I mumbled “What’s wrong with me?”

He frowned. Sir Green Eyes put his hand to my forehead as if checking for a fever, put the gesture was lost on me because I had already started fading out of consciousness.  However, the sound of struggling echoed of the walls.

“MMmff! MMFFF!” A man tried to shout, his effort hampered by the hand on his mouth. He was being ld past my cell, and I strained my eyes to catch a glimpse of his face. He whipped his head around, black hair plastered to his sweating forehead, and broke free of the  meaty fist holding his familiar lips captive.

“CILI” he desperately cried, relief and pain clouding his soulful eyes simultaneously as he saw me. He was forced once again across the floor of the compound.

“Finn?” I whispered, posing it as a question to the lingering man beside me. Once again, he was the only human in sight. If Finn had been captured, and he wasn’t my betrayer, what was going on and who orchestrated the plot to begin with? I closed my eyes, and darkness dawned.


Submitted: March 16, 2018

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very intense, like your stile, hope to read more and i hope it has a happy ending

Fri, March 16th, 2018 10:27am


Thank You! I wasn't planning on finishing it, because I don't know what I would write next. If you have any idea I would love to hear them!

Thu, August 2nd, 2018 6:14pm

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