Dear Oprah

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I don’t want to be like Oprah. That’s just what I wanted to be.

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



Up until yesterday I wanted to be like her.

I spoke her name so proudly. 

But I told someone so advice I had to tell

myself I want to be me unapologetically.

Wait don’t get me wrong in the words 

that I’m just plainly saying.

This is not a joke a play on words believe 

you me I’m not just playing. 

Oh but I do respect her and her journey 

and her unbelievable vision.

I’m not here to belittle her or minimize 

what she is that’s not my mission.

I am in awe of the greatness that pours from

her gentle caring words spoken.

I am empowered by the beautiful fact 

that she has never been just a token.

When I say that I do not want to be like Oprah 

its not an attempt to disgrace.

Its me finding out my journey and how I’ll 

have to figure out my race. 

I don’t want to put even the biggest limit on

the very dreams that I hold dear.

For today and forever on I choose no longer

to reside in the prison of hate and fear.

Oh I feel to be as kind and as thoughtful as her 

is a wonderful and great accomplishment.

That is no longer my life dream that is the 

beginning not the end of my fulfillment.

I wish to not compare to someone Else’s greatness

I won’t do it anymore. 

I have my own greatness I must seek so passionately 

and find and then explore.

I’ll see the greatness in other and praise it for all of 

this world to see.  

I wont forget the power and wonder and passion

that also lives in me.

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