Before Going To Sleep

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The race horse inexorably needed red radish; with succulent green leaves,
Before he could fall into a slumber; rest his tired body with paltry hours of
nocturnal sleep.

A fleet of birds impregnated their nests with bountiful fillings of twigs and grass,
Cuddled their offspring with quills of ruffled feather; before retiring for night sleep.

The pot bellied tortoise receded its head way back in its obdurate shell,
Gulped down handsome pints of water; before shutting his eyes and going to sleep.

The venomous spider; trapped a plethora of insect in its battalion of arms,
Traversed across the periphery of its silken; before clamping its legs and
falling asleep.

The preposterously huge whale; hunted down gargantuan amounts of small fish,
Transforming the ostentatious silhouette of the luxury ship into pieces of floating log; before transiting to realms of deep  sleep.

Slithering reptiles in the densely cloistered jungle; stung innocuous people by the campfire,
Stealthily devouring fresh eggs laid by bird mother; before they retreated in their den to sleep.

The disdainful leech; sucked infinite amount of blood,
Stuck intractably like the strongest of glue; languishing a bit before falling into
a snooze.

Stray donkey's on the road; obstreperously wailed their tale of daily woes,
Stood on their hooves; with their heads lowered down in shame; before embracing  night sleep.

The hunchbacked camel in the desert ambled at languid speeds,
Stored colossal amounts of water in its belly; before he bent down on the sand
to sleep.

Hordes of mosquitoes stung scores of people; mischievously grinned,
Extracting robust blood to gratify their gluttony; before going to sleep.

And an army of humans on this earth; perspired onerously under the Sun all
blistering day,
Earning fodder to sustain precious life; inscribing a place to dwell on the
surface of earth,
Before they eventually retired for the night; to blissfully snore and sleep.

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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