In an ambience of rustic jungle trees; with their branches dangling incongruously towards the ground,
In a backdrop of colossal mountains; with their summits sailing handsomely in the clouds,
In a cloistered environment; sequestered partially from the blazing sun,
In an island of marshy swamps; inundated with a plethora of languidly drifting logwood; puddles of muddy slush bountifully dispersed,
Resides the ominous and hideous; serrated skinned alligator.
In an atmosphere of golden dew drops; shimmering vividly under the moon,
In a conglomerate of satiny puffs of sky; stooping effeminately down,
In a mesmerizing lake; circumvented from all sides by the steep valley,
In a stony silence prevailing eternally; with the only sound being evanescent ripples caused by wading birds,
Resides the redolently pink and supremely voluptuous; fragrant lotus.
In a camouflage of broken twigs; and incommensurate stalks of dried grass,
In a compactly hollow space; neatly imprisoned by slender tower walls,
In a whiplash of heavy wind; incessantly blowing in tenacious draughts,
In a congenial warmth; provided indefatigably by the bird mother,
Resides the palpable egg blended with yolk; of the hostile vulture.
In a citadel constructed of savage stone; reinforced with umpteenth bars of strong metal,
In an enclosure of acrimonious glass; scattered in hostile shards all around,
In a jugglery of iron chains; viciously strapped around all parts of the body,
In a room completely obfuscated from the most minuscule beam of light; threadbare chunks of rotten bread being the only solace for nocturnal meal,
Resides the longhaired and diabolically toothed; nefarious convict.
In the vicinity of tubular corals; swirling waves intermittently dismantling the tentacles of potbellied octopus,
In an ingratiating serene provided by the unrelenting froth; gently permeating the sands,
In an ensemble of entwined bushes; with protruding and spongy thorns,
In a myriad of rising bubbles; trying incessantly to reach the surface of gigantic sea,
Resides the scintillating and slime coated; incorrigibly virgin oyster.
In an ocean of honey; with sticky droplets of pure nectar oozing out,
In a network of dilapidated pillars; sometimes profoundly tall trees,
In direct confrontation with stringent light from the sun; uncouthly heating its periphery,
In a constant pandemonium; of cacophonic noise compounded with incoherent buzzing,
Resides the delectably boisterous and poignant; small bodied humming bee.
In a surrounding of indiscriminate violence; massacring of the impeccably innocent,
In the hearts of ruthless assassins; butchering the needy for fat wads of currency,
In a nation with incidences of rampant bloodshed; headed by a fleet of power hungry politicians,
In a world where there are nuclear wars; on the spurious grounds of caste and creed,
Resides a feeling of utter abhorrence; embedded with the perennial virtue of hatred.
In the sacrosanct walls of heaven; emollient with the scent of divinity,
In the dormitories of unprejudiced justice; profusely besieged by equality towards all,
In a land replete with mystical fairies; an immortal paradise to exist forever,
In the visage of omnipotent power; unprecedented empathy towards distressing pain,
Resides the stupendously omnipresent who created this earth; the one whom we christen by the sacerdotal name of creator.
And in the aisles of desire; languishing in the corridor of blissful romance,
In the tunnel of unceasing fascination; juxtaposed with webs of unparalleled imagination,
In a cascade of silken follicles; nimbly caressing her holistic back,
In the cage of uninhibited pleasure; drowning me incredulously in the moistness of her breath,
Resides my ravishing and marvelously enchanting; immaculate beloved.

Submitted: March 16, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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