Beneath Your Heart

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Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



Beneath your complexion which appeared blacker than the sootiest of coal; there lay an ocean of impeccable whiteness and exotic calm,

Beneath your lips which looked disastrously cracked at their lackadaisical contours; there lay mesmerizing fountains of luscious exuberance,

Beneath your eyes which appeared perpetually blind; lay encapsulated the astounding beauty of this colossal Universe; with its myriad of forms tantalizing me every unfurling second,

Beneath your hands which looked overwhelmingly indigenous and rustic; there lay the sacrosanct essence of heart rendering sacrifice,

Beneath your forehead which appeared to be more blunt than bedraggled stone; there lay a mountain of invincible ideas; which kept swirling towards cosmotic space as the moments unveiled,

Beneath your hair which looked like a gruesomely dead cat's tail; there lay an everlasting tunnel of voluptuous mysticism; a ravishing path on which none had tread,

Beneath your cheeks which appeared like savagely squashed tomato curry; there lay incarcerated the boisterous enchantment of an innocuously new born child,

Beneath your skin which looked like buried boundless feet under the grave; there lay fathomless rainbows from the azure sky; enlightening me profusely on each bit of mud I holistically caressed,

Beneath your armpits which appeared pathetically deluged with obnoxious ponds of sour sweat; there lay embedded the most stupendously fragrant scent on this planet; tickling me beyond the realms of unfathomable fascination,

Beneath your ears which looked more bitten than the satanically ripped shirt; there lay infinite sounds lingering profoundly in this vast world; melodiously enveloping my dreary soul,

Beneath your bones which appeared to be protruding lifelessly into the atmosphere; there lay the indomitable march towards triumph; the ardor to survive in the most treacherously insidious times,

Beneath your tears which looked like a colorlessly horrendous dustbin sprawled in territories of utter dilapidation; there lay a poignantly effusive string of emotions; which wholesomely metamorphosed even the murderously ruthless into
divine angels,

Beneath your conscience which appeared like an inconspicuous mosquito hovering without a purpose of its own; there lay the most irrefutably pious ideals worshipped since decades,

Beneath your palm lines which looked perilously wrecked; there lay the most fabulously alluring destiny that one could ever have seen; an unsurpassable treasury of wealth impossible for ordinary humans to perceive,

Beneath your shadow which appeared infinitesimally timid and obscure; there lay an island of insurmountably enamoring mysticism; on which traversed every enigmatic organism of this Universe,

Beneath your fists which looked incomprehensibly fragile and dainty; there lay embodied Herculean spurts of stamina; an insatiable will to take the mantle of the entire planet,

Beneath your signature which appeared disastrously incoherent; there lay the stamp of the entire globe; the astronomically fortified impression which every entity made during due course of flamboyantly passionate existence,

Beneath your soles which  looked profusely cracked like a miserably shattered egg; there lay the footprints of benevolent humanity; a conglomerate of silken roads which led to the most perfect land called paradise,

Beneath your breath which appeared foul and rapidly fading as time unleashed; there lay the miraculously magical prowess of bestowing new life; to countless slithering on their death bed,

And beneath your heart which looked uncouthly tough on the surface; there lay an unprecedented reservoir of perpetual love; which spread its celestial essence not
only this moment; but countless more moments beyond definitions of incessantly ticking time.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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