Beware of the light  which barbarously blinds; without the most infinitesimal of insinuation or warning; and for times beyond a whole lifetime,

Beware of the sweetness which stealthily poisons; making you irrevocably insensitive to every benign goodness of the Omnipotent Creator divine,

Beware of the silence which unsparingly devastates; uncouthly trouncing you like a pack of frigid matchsticks; when you thought that the entire planet had come to a celestially tranquil rest,

Beware of the silk which mercilessly strangulates; catching you unsuspectingly in the most mellifluously enchanting of your dreams; and as you felt the heavens of sensuality to the most unprecedented limits in your persona,

Beware of the sand which treacherously sinks; burying you an infinite feet beneath your veritable grave; when you thought that you were rolling on paradise;
in uninhibitedly rhapsodic delight,

Beware of the ice which salaciously chokes; making you perilously gasp for every priceless breath; when you thought that the tempestuous ordeal of acrimoniously
sweltering summer had long ended,

Beware of the truth which endlessly burns; irrespective of the fact that you were the only one on the trajectory of the fathomless Universe; unflinchingly galloping on the path of altruistically blazing righteousness,

Beware of the night which satanically dissolves; evaporating you towards the coffins of hell; when you though that unfathomably voluptuous blackness was the only rhythm of your blood,

Beware of the seductress which furtively beheads; indiscriminately pulverizing you for parsimonious wads of sleazy currency; when you thought that you were floating on the ultimate epitome of tantalizing cloud nine,

Beware of the star which truculently stones; engendering you to dream beyond glittering paradise at the outset; and then perfidiously blending you
with inconspicuously belittling ash,

Beware of the dream which salaciously incarcerates; lethally trapping you in dungeons of gory hopelessness; when you thought you were the most blissfully innovative fantasizer on this boundless planet,

Beware of the smile which torturously tears; giving the most triumphantly eternal happiness of your life for just an evanescent instant; and then perpetuating you to horrifically weep for an infinite more lifetimes,

Beware of the power which morosely weakens; manipulatively making you the monarch of the entire world by hook or by crook; and then ruthlessly stripping you of even the most mercurial of your laurel; before limitlessly hanging you from the
cadaverous gallows,

Beware of the diamond which demonically impoverishes; rendering you as the most disastrously orphaned organism on this unceasing earth; even as you had the power to purchase anything on your nimble fingertips,

Beware of the brilliance which abjectly devastates; maliciously metamorphosing your delectably natural treasures; into monstrously mechanized and lifeless scientific invention,

Beware of the clarity which forlornly obfuscates; unveiling such explicitly mortifying facts of life; that transits you in a perpetually dogmatic and inexplicably crucifying haze,

Beware of the soul which wretchedly hollows; extinguishing even the most diminutive trace of your persona forever from the entrenchment of this earth;
when you thought that you had achieved the most invincible state of "Nirvana",

Beware of the breath which baselessly kills; drowning you in a world of endlessly strangulating nothingness; when you thought that your compassionate embrace was
more impregnably interlocked than the walls of blessed paradise,

And beware of the heart which murderously betrays; bestowing upon you a life more ghastly than a countless disparagingly dastardly deaths; when you thought that you were insuperably perched on the scepter of immortally resplendent love.

Submitted: March 16, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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