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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018



When i slept on a razor sharp blanket of thorns,
tiny buds of needle pierced ashen white regions of my flesh,
painstakingly penetrating pliable arenas of supple skin,
prompting my rudimentary blood to ooze,
keeping me awake all throughout long hours of the autumn night.

As I camouflaged my body with a blanket of flower petal,
A mesmerizing fragrance enveloped sultry cocoons of atmosphere,
The aroma settling placidly under cloud covers of dusk,
truckloads of worries evaporated from top compartments of my mind,
And I felt invincibly drowned in bountiful scent of nature.

When I squirmed violently on a blanket of steaming slippery sand,
Minuscule shards of glass and dirt blended with profusely dripping sweat,
There was a feeling of intense abrasion all over my silhouette,
Accompanied with fiery desires to scratch my skin raw,
I suddenly felt soiled with an ocean of dirt,
Stood under the mountain springs to cleanse every iota of my blotted persona.

When I tossed in quiet contentment on a blanket of authentic cheddar cheese,
There came a battalion of red ant to nibble and gnaw,
King sized mice crept stealthily to devour the feast,
I myself felt suddenly hungry, witnessing the creatures relish their meal,
Thoroughly inspired I tore at solid chunks of salted milk,
Swallowing them with profound glee, satisfying my omnipotent gluttony for food.

I spent all day perched on blankets of perpetual love,
Sharing the traumatic agony of all in vicinity,
Catering to unsurpassable needs of my beloved,
Gratifying impoverished souls with chivalrous smiles,
I finally arrived at indispensable conclusions of clinging hard to this blanket,
For the remaining tenure of years I tread my feet as a human on this earth.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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