A Little Bit Of Love

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Things can go downhill really fast, but there's always hope.


In that moment, I felt my heart plummet. As my face grew heavier, my feet grew lighter. I raced across the grass until I reached a towering tree. It was the kind of tree with branches up high, making you itch your way up at first if you climb it. I climbed it. Once I reached the first branch I rose higher and higher, quicker and faster. I was driven by my desire to curl up and hide. I couldn’t very well go cry in a hole, could I?

I don’t know how things went downhill so fast. Or maybe, I just didn’t mean for them to. We, My mentor and I, were thrust into a dangerous situation. We had been chased across the country, thrown into the dungeon, and together we escaped. Or so we thought. A solitary tear slipped down my face. We were cornered on the edge of the cliff, and his foot slipped. I jumped off of the cliff after him, catching the edges with my clenched fingers. They were the only thing keeping my Master from plummeting to his death. Our pursuers left. I told the man dangling from my feet to pull himself up, and he did. It was a slow process, but he made it. Heaving his weight, almost double mine, over the edge, my fingers finally gave out. He snatched me up and we both lay there. My consciousness drifted away, and I fell asleep.

When I awoke, I looked around, suddenly feeling vulnerable. There he was. When he saw me, he smiled. I ran toward him, and he ran...right past me. Confused, my eyes wandered. Thet stopped. I watched my mentor embrace his beautiful wife, and swing his little cherub around. I didn’t belong. That’s when I flew, my feet becoming one with the ground.

After replaying the chain of events over and over in my head, I sighed. I wasn’t getting anywhere, and my stomach was voicing it’s complaint-loudly.

“Ren couldn't have gone far, could she?” The hushed voices of my teacher and his spouse rose up to me. I listened intently for their footsteps, but there were none. Over the past year we had had way too much practice with this sort of thing. One of four eyes in a mile radius, the only ones within the forest that were familiar to me, scanned the darkening sky. Recognition lit them up. A moment later, my Master was beside me.

“What’s up with you?” he questioned, as the footsteps below pattered off into the distance. I opened my mouth, but closed it just as quickly.’”Okay, well, I’ll be down here.” He started to descend, but I stopped him.

“Will you stay with me for a little bit, please?” I could see his lips start to form words, but I already knew what they were going to say. A fat, involuntary tear rolled down my cheek and splashed onto my hand. And then another. He sighed, before climbing up beside me. I hugged him tightly. A few minutes later, we both came down to Earth. I no longer felt as though I were carrying the weight of the world. A part of me groaned inwardly that, once again, I had made it all about me. But everyone needs a little love sometimes, don’t they? For the first time since I had woken up into this awful nightmare, I smiled. Just a little.


Submitted: March 16, 2018

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