Jacks story

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just a story of how jack lives and dies

Submitted: March 16, 2018

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Submitted: March 16, 2018





Once there was a boy named jack who is 18 he loved his neighbor like a brother his name was bush who is also 18 he would always come over and bush will give him a special surprise. Sometimes bush's wife would be home so they went somewhere else like the dark alley and the cops would come and check out the complaints.one time jack was in his room with bush and his mother came and saw smoke from drugs there was coke shrooms lsd METHAMPHETAMINE AMPHETAMINE OPIUM HEROIN HASHISH MARIJUANA GHB FLUNITRAZEPAM and MDMA so the mom sat down and said “ If you can’t beat um join um.” so she grabbed some coke and snorted it then smoked and the drank then the cops came and jack and bush said that's all the moms and she is a junky.

So the cop arrested her and said “ we will dispose of this just don’t follow us or we will arrest you.” so jack and his friend went to the park and saw the cops smoking there drugs and selling them so they called the cops on them and they stole a bag of coke and went into the woods and did all of it they came out and they were so high they jumped on a car and said “ fly” and the driver started to drive fast to shake them off and they started to dance and then they barfed on the window and the driver crashed and they flew into a pond and went to sleep when they woke up there were cops and ambulance and smoke and blood and a woman saying yes that's what you get.they were getting up and there clothes were soaking wet they asked someone what happened and they said ¨ some idiots jumped on the car and barfed on the window and made the driver crash and it exploded. They  said what dummies would do that then they walk to they store and stole some food because they had the munchies and they walked up to the counter and stole some pills and ran. Three years past and jack's mom got out of jail and he was always trying to get jack to be alone when she finally did she sliced his arm legs chopped his head off shot him 50 times then set his remains on fire when bush walked in he punched and through the mom on the bed and shot her with a ak-47 that she had and called the cops. 5 months later she got out the hospital and said your a lousy shot and stabbed him in the neck.


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